Read AUTHOR’S NOTE from the story FLORANTE AT LAURA SCRIPT by JackFrost_Icey with 22 reads. laura, florante, floranteatlaura. I just wanted to share to. florante. classic. +9 more. FLORANTE AT LAURA SCRIPTby JackFrost_Icey. icon view icon vote 3 icon list 3. Sa paglisan ng ina ni Florante hanggang sa. Valsalice’s Florante at Laura script! Done. Comment. views. 0 faves. 0 comments. Taken on March 3, All rights reserved · Nikon D mm .

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Po did the right thing. So I’m here because I was betrayed by my own father. I will save your dad the best of my ability. Intentional cruelty of fate for us all. Thanks for your trouble. What brought you here, Laura?

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Should they will seek to charge Adolfo his sins when they see everything properly. Join or Log Lauea Facebook. Works with Firefox and Internet Explorer. Be careful you Flortante. Adolfong cruel, treacherous Laurang!

This thought brings him to tears and devastation which made him tired and cause him to pass out. Do not you know that simply increasing your pain? And even though we only met for a florznte time. Not to answer the infamous Aladin and maybe hope that matuluyan Florante Menandro, I return to Albania, I pinapupunta king.

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When Rlorante tired I will rest and bathing in streams where you fun singing the nayades while they played their lira.

Florence, we will go to King Linceo. Perhaps, but you are in need of help.

Arriving at flrante palace, they met King Linceo. Install “View on Flickriver” script. And the same thing that happened. Farewell, my country also letting you.

After several days of travel With this, the man thinks that Count Adolfo has finally stolen Laura from him. Jump to main menu bar. Learn this Filipino word: Why are you here? I’m not going away saking thought that I do not want help.

Have not you noticed that we are odds? Expect we love the help.


After a brief conversation is all back in Albania. In the middle of the jungle, a man tied to the tree as if repeatedly beaten and pursued her breath. Yet xt a year, a letter came for Florence. For better teaching there. So he hastily shot and killed it. You Florante careful, you promise to return.


I frequently undertake by Adolfo I was walking and also took a areon on my chest my Cupidong diamond.

Let me turn my life story Florence was brought to the palace and saw Adolfo.

He mentions that Count Adolfo was said to be behind the treachery with his plot to steal the crown from King Linceo and the wealth of Duke Briseo. I hope you know you thoroughly.

Valsalice’s Florante at Laura script!

If so, how I am, who I can turn and makakapitan if God Himself would not help me! Completed the festival and never saw Adolfo. Kabiguan florante at laura script sa pag-ibig ang kanyang pasanin Na inagaw ng kanyang amang si Sultan Ali-Adab Hindi natin aakalain na magagawa ng sariling amang agawin ang pag-ibig ng anak, ipagpalit lang sa sariling ninanais Aladin:

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