FM (FM )/ MCWP 7/AFMAN/ NAVSEA SSAF- MMO STATIC LINE PARACHUTING TECHNIQUES AND TRAINING. Field manual contains basic and advanced training and techniques for static line parachuting. It is designed to standardize procedures for initial. Static Line Parachuting Techniques and Training April TC (FM 3- ) / MCWP / AFMAN / NAVSEA SSAF-MMO

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If the direction of drift is directly to the front, the parachutist selects either PLF.

A soft landing area of pea gravel or like material is used with all of the training apparatuses. When bailing out of an aircraft at extremely low levels, the most important factor is to pull the rip cord as soon as you clear the aircraft, regardless of your body position.

A-7A Cargo Sling The two ends of the parachutist retention strap are threaded through the corresponding slits in the rear of sttaic cover. A two-riser slip is made by reaching up to the elbow-locked position, grasping a pair of risers in the direction of the desired movement, and pulling them down to your chest.

Seating Configuration without Comfort Pallet TSeries Parachute Design Characteristics.

Static line – Wikipedia

This malfunction may occur if development of the secondary lobe stops before completely inverting. Loading, Rigging, and Restraining Bundles to Wedge One student covers each open point. Individual Jump Procedures The canopy turns inside out with no decrease in its lifting surface. To configure the USL to the foot length, the snap hook is removed and the f is secured to the USL by a girth hitch.


This method of parachute deployment is commonly used in several ways:. Print edition must be purchased new and sold by Amazon. He extends and joins the fingers and thumb of each hand, rotates the hands so the palms face up, and then raises the arms straight overhead, keeping the elbows locked Figure Basic Training Objectives The following detail personnel are needed for training with the SLT.

He must do this instantly when told a malfunction has occurred. The components attached to it are as 3-21.202 One student officer or NCO for each side of the tower 2 total stands at parade rest near the base of the pole supporting the cables facing the rope line.

He seats himself well into the saddle.

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If he has lowered his equipment before realizing a tree landing is imminent, he looks below prior to jettisoning his equipment and then jettisons the equipment. Then this canopy, being lower, “steals” the air from the canopy above; this causes the canopy above to partially collapse and the jumper to drop past the lower canopy.

They run down and out to the front of the rear set of risers and through the control line channel and control line guide ring. ACH sits too high.


Full text of “Static Line Parachuting Techniques and Training”

Parachute control is essential to avoid other parachutists in the air and to avoid hitting obstacles on the ground. As soon as the parachutist realizes he is going to land in water, he does the following: Static line stow bar. He maintains moderate muscular tension in the legs, which absorb a significant portion of the landing impact, and he avoids becoming stiff or tense.

Number 1 stands erect and checks to ensure the canopy release assemblies are in the pockets of the shoulders. Types of Aircraft If the jumper is spinning, the canopy is thrown in the direction of the spin. Be the first to review this item Amazon Best Sellers Rank: Instructors may give additional commands and FM The harness assembly has five points of adjustment: Harness Assembly Attached to Container To do this, the following five fleshy portions of the body must contact the ground in sequence: Go Section II.

The apparatus provides a downward motion and oscillation similar to that experienced during a parachute jump.

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