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How do I come out of the auto entrepreneur scheme? APE code for a mechanic?

Start Business in France

Should I add a new auto-entrepreneur activity code? Can someone else working under my siret number as an auto-entrepreneur? What I should do about RSI refusing to affiliate me? Is there any update on CFE Tax for ?

What to do when a customer has not paid? Funding for auto entrepreneur training? Must I wait for a valid Carte de Sejour to register a business? What business category to register as? Pay social charges on my pension to the French health system?

How and when do we register for TVA? Declaration for 2eme and 3eme trimestrialle on same form? First declaration due when? What should I do about a blank pdf after net-enterprise registration? Category for teaching English?


imprimer k ca12 ca12e Télécharger les documents complets pdf gratuitement |

Do I tell Reunica that I have no employees? How do I add a secondary auto-entrepreneur business activity code? January Activity code for selling self made greeting cards?

Cheque emploi and auto-entrepreneur? How do I declare auto-entrepreneur turnover after change of address? Is auto-entrepreneur the best option for registering a gite in France? Tax formluaire on cash gifts from family into French bank account? What is the announcement on the auto entrepreneur website about? How do I change periodical RSI returns? Adresse professionnelle as locataire – implication for landlord?

Maximum social charges for micro entreprise? Are the new auto-entrepreneur social charges backdated?

Claiming tax relief as an auto-entrepreneur? What is the NAF code for a masseuse? Is Registre APE a scam?

Can I register as an auto-entrepreneur? What is cotisation fonciere des entreprises? What is cheque CESU?

Documents et livres connexes

formulare After we register, do we automatically get a carte vitale? What is the autorisation de prelevement des cotisations et contributions sociales form? Conjoint collaborateur becoming registered name in auto-entrepreneur business? Do I have to pay the 0.


Gimirbeau free: Les CyberFiches comptables et fiscales de Gilles MIRBEAU – Index

Can an auto-entrepreneur hire an employee? When do I pay my taxes? Husband and wife both be auto-entrepreneurs? How do I reset my password to make an online declaration?

What exchange rate do I use for,ulaire my French invoices? Property manager in France and elsewhere in Europe?

This report shows links that we found on other 3514, than the index page. Is my auto-entrepreneur business being closed down? Do I need to apply for my own carte vital as an auto entrepreneur? Costs for an auto-entrepreneur cleaner and property manager?

Last modified: December 28, 2019