Unfortunately, the Kolbrin Bible has no authority beyond that claimed by its original publishers. On the Web there is no reference to “The Kolbrin” or “The. The Kolbrin Bible is a 2-part, book secular anthology. The first six books are called the “Egyptian texts” and were penned by Egyptian academicians following . The Kolbrin Bible: Millennia ago, Egyptian and Celtic authors recorded prophetic These predications are contained in The Kolbrin Bible. WATCH FOR FREE.

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If there are a few extraneous items they are not such as to affect the intrinsic value of the whole. When the war-filled days had passed, Herthew kolbriin to the place where Habaris made the bright battleblade, and already he had taught the mysteries of their making to others, sealing their mouths with magic.

The waters were purified, the sediment sank and life increased in abundance. Yet he made an excuse for her to himself, thinking that she had not fee deceived him but had acted out of duty to her father. Above all, may you freee sufficiently enlightened to receive them, for today we are persecuted because of our books, and most who treasured and guarded them are now dead. Time passed, memory dimmed and the record of evens was no longer clear. Post Pagination Next Post Next.

At certain times, when the Heavens were in a proper position, the Gwinduiva was filled with moondew and potions from the cauldron within the Sacred Enclosure, making a pale honey-coloured liquor, and this the people drank from the goblet. Habaris raised her up and said, “Even the wisest of men becomes a fool when his heart blinds him rfee reason.

Awesome read but what about the Jesus part?

Full text of “The Kolbrin (PDFy mirror)”

They are fallible things unable to transmit accurately from mind to mind. Yet, despite her knowledge and wisdom her heart was full of fears because of tree background, but she displayed none of her anxieties. To the promotion of the ideal of true love and the consolidation of families through the fostering of family ethics and traditional moral values.

This Soulself, he declared, would develop from mortal sensitivity and feeling transmuted into divine sensitivity and feeling, through suppression of the baser instincts within mortals.

When they arrived at the gathering place and Gwidon saw Gwineva, he was startled, for he had seen such a woman in the darkened waters; but he welcomed her and was surprised at her wisdom and skill at sorcery.


When Heavenman was reborn of the she-ape in the cavern of Woe, could he taste the fruits of the Earth and drink of her waters, and feel the coolness of her winds? It biblle incumbent on the compilers to ensure the conservation of these funds and to take adequate steps to entrust them.

Jesus obviously is not the mesiah look at the world. This is known because those who were with Dadam came out of the barren places and bib,e the ways of builders, becoming great among the Ubalites and raising cities along the rivers.

The Kolbrin Bible: A 3,600-year-old text that could rewrite history

Its breath howled along her corridors and raged among her mountain tops, but it did not discover the dwelling place of her Spirit. But when he arose and stepped down onto the bosom of his Mother Earth he was undaunted by the great powers that beset him or by the magnitude of the task ahead.

What modern inquisition decides these subjects are not deserving of attention? They fought for survival in the lands of uncouth people.

The last two books of the Kolbrin are devoted to Jesus.

The Kolbrin – An Ancient Book

It is believed to include fascinating details concerning certain passages such as the Flood and the Exodus. We know you are without certainty and assurance about what lies beyond the veil of death, for these cannot be given while man remains no more than man, and doubtless like us you remain suspended between doubt and belief Our Unborn Friends, whatever your circumstances of life you are the bibke of the past and heirs of those who have lived and died.

This place had been closed off from Earth, for it existed in another realm beyond the ken of mortals; but it had been brought into attunement with Earth when a forbidden act was accomplished. The man awoke and sought food kolbrinn the fruits about him and having refreshed himself wandered about the garden.

Only the limited understanding of man sees imperfection in that which is perfect for its purpose”. The Kolbrin Bible has been denounced as a heretical work for millennia because it contains altern It deals with goodness and virtue, courage and mortality, with spiritual ideals and human bble, all unpopular and despised fare in these the Days of Decision.

This will be your labour and, behold, here is your reward. Into his sleeping body God implanted a fi-agment of Himself, the Seed of a Soul and the Spark of Divinity, a man kolbdin mortal became man the heir of God and the inheritor of immortality. A man more readily feels the stirrings of his Spirit in the face of disaster than in the lap of luxury.


Earth was left garbed in the matron’s mantle of green, herbage covered kolbein face of the bihle. He was amazed at the cascade of red hair and his heart was stirred by her beauty.

Does mankind still lie passive like driftwood klbrin the sea of spiritual apathy, driven back and forth by changeable winds and conflicting currents, making no headway? Nothing gives her greater pleasure than the acquisition of knowledge”.

This year old wisdom text warns u The first six books are called the “Egyptian texts” and were penned by Egyptian academicians following the Hebrew Exodus. Gwineva was not the bloodkin of Herthew, so as the marriage would not be incestuous Gwineva decided she would say nothing of their relationship, for she was in love with him and love is ever ready to make excuses. Within his heart he knew destiny lay beyond the squalor of his environment, he stepped out nobly, gladly accepting the challenge.

Man survived, but he was not the same. Then it was withdrawn beyond the misty veil, the waters ceased to flow and the fertility departed, only a wilderness remained. Yet in truth it is neither, for something neither seed nor plant preceded both, and that thing was also preceded by something else.

It will guide you faithfully and well. They delighted in each other and because of their differences were drawn closer together. For any truly inquisitive mind, any voice from the past or find that challenges modern assumptions is deserving of our recognition; for we are men; and as such know maybe yrs of 4. When weak his burden was increased and in the midst of rejoicing he was struck down with sorrow.

All was in discord, snow fell in the hot wastelands, ice covered the fertile plains, the forests became seas. Yet they shall walk together, hand in hand, towards the ascending glory before them, each the helpmate and inspiration of the other”.

We shall not strive with clubs and lances, the hurling stone and bibl dart, but with more subtle weaponry.

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