Detección, Clasificación y Conteo de Leucocitos en Frotis de Sangre Periférica. J . Martínez-Castro* S. Reyes-Cadena** E. Felipe-Riverón *. * Centro de. Scribd is the world’s largest social reading and publishing site. FROTIS DE SANFRE PERIFERICA Un frotis de sangre preparado en forma adecuada es esencial para asegurar la evaluación correcta de la morfología.

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First, a method based on Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization is proposed along with a snake algorithm to segment nucleus and cytoplasm of the cells.

In this way we could get the segmented cells.

Detección, Clasificación y Conteo de Leucocitos en Frotis de Sangre Periférica

The adaptive thresholding [13] is a method that enables us to select the optimal threshold based on the probability distribution of gray levels represented in the histogram of the image. Chiappe G, Crisp R.

Medical Library Utah; [citado 9 Feb ]. Dempster, Shahid Khan, and Bill Jarra. Micron41 7: Wolters Periferics [citado 6 Mar ]. Hematology is the branch of medical science responsible for the study of the elements integrating the blood as well as their precursors, and the structural and biochemical disorders of these elements that can lead to a disease.

Frotis de sangre

The erythrocyte cell line, the leukocyte cell line and finally the megakaryocytic cell line producing platelets.

The objective of this work is to describe a computational system, platform independent, that enables the identification, counting and classification of the five normal forms of leukocytes present in the peripheral blood.

On the other hand, neutrophils and eosinophils have a greater size than basophils, and have a clear differentiation in the amount of cytoplasm with respect to the monocytes and lymphocytes. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, The point 0, 1 represents the perfect classification. Reporte de un caso. There are instruments such as flow cytometer and automatic counting machines that examine white blood cells quantitatively but not qualitatively.


Below we will shortly describe the erythrocyte and leukocyte lines. Rev Latinoamer Patol Clin. Leukocytes segmentation After segmenting the nuclei to isolate them from the erythrocytes, we proceed to separate them from the nuclear membrane.

Biblioteca Nacional de Medicina de Estados Unidos. In an adult clinically healthy, it is performed in the bone marrow, continues in the peripheral blood and in some cases ends in tissue from different organs of the human body. Table 1 In this work we have not considered a very long data set, that is, it had only 60 elements.

Importancia del estudio del frotis de sangre periférica en ancianos

Finally, we got the image without noise and artifacts as shown in Fig. A method based on multispectral imaging technique for white blood cell segmentation.

The first step was to separate the white blood grotis from the red blood cells. Reporting and grading of abnormal red blood cell morphology. To test the effectiveness of the proposed method, we compared the results obtained by our system against those obtained by a hematologist. We present a literature review describing the variations of the peripheral lamina that can occur in diseases that most frequently affect the elderly, with the objective of offering a material for teaching residents of Hematology and Geriatrics.

Swar m an d Evolutionar y Computation11 0: Anemias of Chronic disease, peripheral blood smear [Internet].

Different types of white blood cells vary in color, granularity and texture, especially in the cytoplasm. Esta anemia se observa con frecuencia en el anciano por sangrado digestivo.

With this, we can get images of higher quality ready to be analyzed. For this reason, we calculated the area of objects counting the pixels of each object. Table 4shows the classification of the results obtained for each type of leukocytes based on the equations.


At this stage of the process, we already have the binary images of the nuclei Fig. Atlas of peripheral blood. It is important to emphasize that this work does not attempt to diferentiate between smears of leukocytes coming from healthy and sick people; this is because most diseases produce a change in the differential count of leukocytes rather than in theirs forms. Computer-aided automatic analysis not only saves manpower and time, but also reduces the effects of human errors.

Note the difference in color of leukocytes respect to the erythrocytes color and background. To segment the nuclei of the leukocytes we used the green channel Gsince in this channel the image presents more details and less additive noise. Principios de Medicina Interna. Neutrophils, Eosinophils, Basophils, Monocytes and Lymphocytes. The paper is organized as follows. Next, we included an analysis of the antecedents and the state of the art.

Finally we discuss the results and conclusions of the paper.

They concluded that Cauchy functions provide better segmentation, particularly for leukocyte recognition, in comparison with Gamma function-based divergence.

Once the cells are fully segmented, the classifier k -NN was applied using the first Minkowski metric 1 to perform the count of the five normal shapes objects of study. Goldman L, Schafer AI. Examination of peripheral blood films using automated microscopy; evaluation of diffmaster octavia and cellavision dm In this work we have not considered a very long data set, that is, it had only 60 elements.

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