Runner with bucket: – runner of Pelton wheel consists of a circular disc on Governing mechanism: – speed of turbine runner is required to be. This speed should also conforms to the power supply frequency. So this mechanism acts as a speed governing mechanism of Pelton wheel. Presentation on:Governing of Pelton WheelTurbine pump with oil sump Relay or control valve Servomotor with spear rod and spear Deflector mechanism.

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Presentation on:Governing of Pelton WheelTurbine

It gives relation between flows and lengths of time during which they are available. Registration Forgot your password? The movement of sleeve is transferred through the lever turbinee more the piston voverning of relay valve. It will simultaneously more the spear valve to the left and increase the area of flow through the nozzle. The outlet is a specially shaped draft tube that helps decelerate the water and recover kinetic energy.

And the efficiency of the unit is maximum when it operates under designed conditions. The characteristics of turbines are obtained under three different categories-‘ a Main characteristics Head constant b Operating characteristics Speed constant c Muschel curves Efficiency constant A.

Its lower end is turned at right angle and horizontally taken out of mecnanism. No suction downside, water flows out through turbine housing after hitting. This radial flow acts on the runner vanes, causing the runner to spin. Hence, the speed of the runner must be maintained constant to have a constant speed of generator. The large turbine diameter combined with the massive inertia of the water flowing through it makes precise control of rotational speed a critical concern.

A centrifugal governor is used as the measuring element of the closed loop control system. Auth with social network: It is a circular ring having guide vanes pivoted at a point through the levers and links.


It discharge the overflow water to downstream side when the reservoir is full. The deflector diverts a portion of the water jet away from the runner buckets. Capital cost required is low. The deflector is brought to its original position by means of cam arrangement. The governing achieved by changing the guide vane angles.

Hydropower Engineering

Hydroelectric turbines rotate at relatively low speeds compared to steam turbines, with larger hydroelectric turbines rotating at rpm, and smaller ones as fast as rpm. Surge tank is built just before the valve house so that the severity of water hammering is reduced. The sleeve of the governor is connected through linkages to relay valve. It can be seen by this mechanism, the linear motion of servomotor piston is converted into rotary motion of regulating ring.

Servomotor piston moves to the left pushing the oil in the less side to the oil mevhanism. It is defined as that part of the precipitation which is available as stream flow. It is directly connected to the piston of relay cylinder Governor and linkages: The area under flow-duration curve represents the total quantity of run-off during the period.

Mechanissm the load on the generator reduces, the turbine speed increases. It is also called as control valve or distributor valve.

We are a non-profit group that run this website to share documents. Therefore when the regulator ring is rotated about its axis, all the guide vane would turn about their pivots. Usually, hydraulic turbines are coupled mechanismm electronic generators.

Speed vs govening curve: Transmission Hydraulic Systems Chapter 4 Introduction How the transmission develops hydraulic pressure How transmission generates, regulates and modifies. This inefficient power production, although difficult to quantify, leads to loss in revenue for the utility.

Furthermore, if this oscillation exceeds the maximum allowable frequency, then the turbine must be shut down, resulting in peltoh loss of generating production. It is double acting cylinder which acts as hydraulic actuator.


The discharge at any time during the period under consideration. It constructed if rainfall occurs only for few months in a year and the remainder periods are dry.

Simultaneously, the oil will be returned from the servomotor from the opposite pipe to the sump. In this case, the head is kept constant and the speed is varied by varying governinh load on the turbine. Through tirbine pipes the oil is transferred to corresponding sides of double acting servomotor cylinder.

Download ppt “Presentation on: When the load on the turbine changes, the speed may also change, i. Each bucket reverses the flow of water and this impulse spins the turbine.

Presentation on:Governing of Pelton WheelTurbine – ppt video online download

For this system requires a oil sump to store oil and oil pump to regulate the supply. The slope of this curve at any point gives the rate of flow at that time. Function of oil pump is to pressurize the oil. High head, low flow applications.

It is curve which indicates the total volume of run-off in m3 upto a certain time. Working The centrifugal governor actuator is driven by the turbine shaft through a belt or gear.

The water turbines are simple in construction, highly efficient in operation, easily controllable and pick up the load in a short time. Power is proportional to angular speed.

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