Hedysarum coronarium. FRENCH HONEYSUCKLE. Big bright red clover-like flowers above handsome leaves. Needs sun and good drainage. Short-lived, but . Development of sulla (Hedysarum coronarium) for better adaptation to grazing. G.B. DOUGLAS, R.G. KEOGH and A.G. FOOTE. AgResearch Grasslands, Private . Hedysarum coronarium. Open enlargement in a new window; Open enlargement in a new window; Members can view this photo in high resolution. Members.

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Hedysarum coronarium

Better growth is achieved on the more alkaline soils de Hedyysarum et al. When grown under poor conditions e. A searchable catalogue of grass and forage legumes. Sulla Hedysarum coronarium L. Digestibility and nutrive value in the rabbit with and without coprophagia of the branches, leaves, inflorescences and of the whole sulla plant Hedysarum coronarium L. Comparison of Sulla-hay and Sulla-silage in the lactating ewes and their effects on milk and cheese characteristics.

Silage Sulla makes good silage. Legumes of the World. Effects of different degrees of milling of dehydrated sulla flour on growing rabbits. Sulla makes good silage.

Feeding rabbit for meat production: It has a deep, branching tap-root up to 2 m deepwith many secondary roots. It is not recommended to cut sulla in the first year as a first year coronarim will weaken the stand and DM yield is often much higher in the second year. References Chaves et al.


Hedysarum coronarium

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Nutritive value of fresh sulla Hedysarum flexuosum as a sole feed for growing rabbits. Sulla used as sole feed can support maintenance and enable good growth rates, particularly if the young plant or leaves are used Proto et al.

Louis area where plant stems tend to recline in the heat of the coronzrium.

Several experiments in New Zealand have shown sulla to be valuable for dairy cows. Sulla is reported to be safe to livestock. Prediction of rabbit caecal fermentation characteristics from faeces by in vitro gas coroonarium technique: Extremely fragrant, bright red, pea-like flowers bloom in late spring to early summer in dense axillary racemes atop upright flowering stems.

The stems are succulent and well accepted by livestock: Plant and animal families Plant and animal species. Condensed tannins content in sulla Hedysarum coronarium L as affected by environment, genotype and growth stage.

Mass in hedysaurm woodland or naturalized areas. Including large amounts of sulla in silage e. Good fresh cut flower. Sulla Hedysarum coronariumaerial part, fresh Sulla Hedysarum coronariumhay Sulla Hedysarum coronariumsilage.


Forage and grain legume silages as a valuable source of proteins for dairy cows. Pastoral plants in the North African arid areas.

In particular, it does not cause bloat in ruminants FAO, Sign up for our e-newsletter. Pods have a yellow thorny surface that turns brown at maturity.

Hedysarum coronarium – Plant Finder

A comparative study of the diets of two sympatric carnivores – the golden jackal Canis aureus and coronaroum common genet Genetta genetta in Kabylia, Algeria. Effects on milk fatty acid profile. Effect of condensed tannins upon body growth, wool growth and rumen metabolism in sheep grazing Sulla Hedysarum coronarium and perennial pasture.

Other environmental benefits Sulla is valued for honey production, roadside beautification and landscape architecture Foster, ; Ruisi et al. The potential of sulla in pasture-based system. Sulla is a highly palatable, nutritious and productive forage for ruminant production de Koning et al.

Yield and productivity Sulla is considered a productive forage.

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