Pfotenhauer, Die schlesitchen Siegel von bis be- ziehentlich , Wrocław 6Ostatnio tak np. B. Zientara, Henryk Brodaty i jego czasy, War-. reference to the older literature and the controversies associated with the problem by Benedykt Zientara, Henryk Brodaty i jego czasy (Warsaw, ). 20 There. Anna Waśko, ‘Henryk IV Prawy (Probus)’ [Henry IV the Righeous]. In Piastowie. Leksykon Benedykt Zientara, Henryk Brodaty i jego czasy. 2nd ed. Warsaw.

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History of Poland during the Jagiellonian dynasty. Henryk I the Bearded Polish: Past Ckosisconis, Pazt filius Chosisconisu Duke. Serenissima Res Publica Poloniae. Cultural Demographic Economic Military Postal. This article is about the historical monarchs of Poland, from the Middle Ages to Hengyk Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Italics indicates monarchs of questioned historicity or entirely legendary.

Mieszko I (IV) Laskonogi (Plątonogi, raciborski, opolski) –

Legendary daughter of Krakus. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Casimir II the Just Polish: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


The birth of Poland as an independent nation coincides with the ascension of Duke Mieszko I [4] and adoption of Christianity under the authority of Rome in the year Leszek II the Black Polish: Legendary founder of the Polish nation. Mieszko II Lambert Duke. The last sovereign was Frederick Bgodaty I as Duke of Warsawwho throughout his political career attempted at rehabilitating the Polish state.

Konrad Laskonogi

Lestek Leszek, Lestko Duke. Legendary son of Krakus and successor of Krakus II.

The masculine gender of her title was also meant to emphasize that she was monarch in her own right, not a queen consort. Mieszko IV Tanglefoot Polish: Leszko I Leszek I Duke.

List of Polish monarchs

Goplans and Polans Tribes. King Sigismund III Vasaa talented but somewhat despotic ruler, involved the country in many wars, which subsequently resulted in the successful capture of Moscow and loss of Livonia to Sweden.

Son of Kazimierz I and Maria Dobroniega. Grandson of Mieszko I and Oda of Haldensleben.


Leszek I the White Polish: Views Read Edit View history. Poland was ruled at various times either by dukes the 10th—14th century or by kings the 11thth century. Louis I and Jadwiga of the Anjou dynasty — Legendary son and successor of Krakus.

History of Poland during the Piast dynasty. Part of a series on the.

Konrad I of Masovia Polish: Son of Piast the Wheelwright and Rzepicha. Polish monarchs Polish history timelines Lists of monarchs Lists of Polish people. Royal elections in Poland. Early Middle Broadty Christianization Piast period.

Jadwiga of Poland Polish: Wenceslaus II of Bohemia Polish: Mieszko I of Poland Duke. Restored Re-united the Kingdom of Poland.

Last modified: February 21, 2020