I am displaying images in xtype:dataview as thumbnail. I am curious how to show the tapped image as a Highslide popup in a next view. Can someone guide. I’ve successfully used the iframe expander to display pdf’s. I am trying to display a PDF in a Highslide, but when I try the above method. Hey! Question for anyone. I’m trying to get images using the Highslide Gallery to layout in the display order, but it looks like it’s displaying in the.

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Control Bars not displaying. 🙁 – Highcharts official support forum

The content opens within the active browser window. Integration was incredibly straight forward, the documentation and examples meant that we could very quickly decide on the best way forward for our own application, and within an hour we had rewritten our own software to include the Highslide JS functionality as standard. To gain full control of the content wrapper, extending what you can do with CSS, you make an invisible div somewhere in your page.

It also provides a good fallback for JavaScript disabled user agents. In this case you can add extra options using the hs. In this file, you define settings like this: After opening the image or HTML popup, the user hifhslide scroll further down or leave the page without closing it. The custom variable can then be accessed within the hs. These albums are all produced by the application – no manual coding required.


Next, you have to tie the overlay to one or more thumbnails. You must have a user account diwplay be signed to perform this action. The included content is injected into the highslide-body.

These CSS-rules are defined: Also, if you use the packed version of the script, you cannot do this. To create groups or individual popups with different styling, apply a hs. The I loaded the store into both dataview and carousel at the same time, displwy an animateactiveitem showing the correct slide of the carousel on tap of the dataview.

Monitor this Discussion receive an email each time a reply is posted. Highslide JS is incomparably better alternative to other well known and rather common lightbox scripts. These properties override those set using CSS displlay the content div.

Built with the Best: Cart Join our Community Sign In. So, that’s really not within the scope of this forum. Search the Highslide website. THE best editor for js libraries I’ve ever seen and used.


Highslide Photo Gallery and Slideshow for Picasa. Thank you in advance for your help! Or you can use the hs.

What’s happening is that if you chose the option “Pictures from fileset”, as far as the add-on is concerned, “display order” means the order in the fileset. It is an added bonus that you have made your creation available under such a non-restrictive licence.

Run the file index.

But if you really had to do that, I suggest updating to Concrete5 5. The HTML structure of the self rendered content looks like the following. However, you are able to control where to put the scrolling area, so that you can display headers and footers that are not scrolled.

Highslide JS API Reference

THE best editor for js libraries I’ve ever seen and used. Highslide thumbnail for OpenCart. Highslide JS is an image, media and gallery viewer written in JavaScript.

Last modified: December 28, 2019