Abstract. RONCADA, Maria José. Hipovitaminosis “A”: serum vitamin “A” content and cacotene level in the State of S. Paulo, Brazil, seaside populations. Rev. Hipovitaminose A Introdução Patologia; Grupo etário e sócio demográfico afetado; Principais características da dieta; Modificações da Receita; Patologia. 3 abr. HIPOVITAMINOSE A. LR. Lyandra Rafaela. Updated 3 HIPOVITAMINOSE A. Aspectos gerais. do Metabolismo. Doenças que precipitam.

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Deficiência de vitamina A

Bivariate logistic regression analysis indicated that per capita family income situated both in the range of 0. Prominent among these are infections that increase the requirement for or stimulate the endogenous loss of this micronutrient, and also protein energy malnutrition, which affects the synthesis of retinol binding protein RBP.

Rev Saude Publica ;18 3: Rev Panam Salud Publica hiipovitaminose 1: Data analysis The data collected were entered into the Epi Info 6. Vitamin A reduces the mortality rate Beaton, 3 and the incidence and severity of infections, especially diarrheal diseases, among preschool children Barreto, 2 These results provide strong evidence of the need for strengthening and organizing healthcare actions so as to make them more hipobitaminose, through the systematization of prevention and treatment measures, in order to reduce the prevalence of vitamin A deficiency.

Third hipoviyaminose on the world nutrition situation. It is thought that 2. Indicators for assessing vitamin A deficiency and their application in monitoring and evaluating intervention programmes.


To determine the prevalence of vitamin A deficiency in a population-based sample. The relative dose response RDR in malnourished children. Universidade Federal de Pernambuco. This situation is inexcusable, given the health care technology and resources that are now available.

Effect of vitamin A supplementation on diarrhea and hhipovitaminose lower-respiratory-tract infections in Young children in Brazil. The results reinforce the argument that this deficiency constitutes an important public health problem in the northeast of Brazil.

Mild vitamin A deficiency and childhood morbidity: This protein has a short half-life Lee et al, 8thus diminishing the availability of retinol. A mean serum retinol value of 0.

A brief guide to current methods of assessing vitamin A status. Subclinical vitamin A deficiency. Vitamin A status of preschool children from a community at nutritional risk. Rev Panam Salud Publica ; Control of hipovitwminose A deficiency and blindness. Diniz AS, Hilderbrand K.

Working paper no 2. Am J Clin Nutr ;71 5: A potentially unrecognized problem in the United States. During the home visit, specially hipovifaminose nutritionists explained to the parents or guardians what the purposes of the investigation were. Arch Latinoam Nutr ;49 4: Vitamin A deficiency is considered one of the most important of the easily preventable public health problems in a number of countries, including Brazil.

Deficiência de vitamina A – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

J Pediatr Rio J ; Am J Clin Nutr ;40 1: Arch Latinoam Nutr ;50 3: Sub Committee on Nutrition. It involved children aged 6 to 60 months. Caballero E, Rivera G. Rev Saude Publica ;12 3: Bol Oficina Sanit Panam ;68 1: In particular, income of less than 0.

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This is therefore a public health problem for that state. J Trop Pediatr hipovotaminose Arch Latinoam Nutr ;37 1: Consumption of vitamin A rich foods. No statistically significant association was found for serum retinol level in relation to the child’s age and sex, or the mother’s variables. The present results indicate that the occurrence of vitamin A deficiency among preschool children in the State of Sergipe is similar to what is observed in other states in the northeastern region.

Hipovitaminose A no Brasil: Hipovitaminnose the present study, a statistically significant association was observed between serum retinol levels and anthropometric state when evaluated using the weight-for-age indicator. Vitamin A status of young children in southern Brazil. These adults responsible for the child remained free to decide whether or not the child should participate in the hipovitaminoze. National hipovitaminoss days and vitamin A distribution in Mali: In addition to the economic and structural factors of the society in which the child and its family live, other factors connected with conditions of morbidity also contribute towards the depletion of serum retinol levels.

Classifying the children into age groups, the mean serum retinol for children aged 6 to 24 months was 0.

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