How to Be Useful: A Beginner’s Guide to Not Hating Work [Megan Hustad] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. There’s a lot of career advice . Megan Hustad. · Rating details · ratings · 63 reviews. A delightfully original, unerringly hip, yet marvelously practical handbook for a new and slightly . Megan Hustad worked at Knopf, Basic Books, and Counterpoint Press before leaving publishing to write a book about the unexpectedly.

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How to Be Useful: A Beginner’s Guide to Not Hating Work by Megan Hustad

Then again, I did get some great reading done that year. As it turned out, the caffeine jolt and the adrenalin rush of the whole experience kept me awake, and in retrospect, I doubt that I would have done anything differently. How is that good advice for anyone let alone a fresh college grad?

Yes, the author’s digested a load of books for the reader’s benefit, but it almost feels like they don’t really know any more than you do about the subject and they could have used the same approach to write about anything at all. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Aug 15, Karen rated it really liked it Shelves: Hustad doesn’t attempt to say that you should work for The Man; rather, she argues that if you have to, you might as well do it well.

Covey and Donald Trump. Frequent pop culture references make the book entertaining, but may make it seem dated in the future. In the end, though, it bears noting that Hustad is an editor-turned-freelance-writer, NOT a wildly successful business entrepreneur, so probably best to think hlw her tips more as cocktail party fare, less as tried-and-true business advice.

I’d get the blues every Sunday around 9 p. Encourages importance of low level work errands, etc although this worri Got a lot out of this hutsad and can see me rereading it again some day. And focuses on the idea that we only hate work as much as we are willing to let it get to us. These newbies my sister calls them the soccer trophy generation are the ones raised to believe that they are the deity’s gift to humanity and that showing up every day 30 minutes late wearing jeans and a T-shirt is perfectly acceptable.


Fortuitously, some buddies of mine from high usefuk were headed to L.

How to Be Useful: A Beginner’s Guide to Not Hating Work

A great quick overview of the important career advice books from the last century. I recommend bibliophiles to check out uesful or Juvenile and monotonous.

It’s not a condescending, self-help type of book. Things that seem common sense to those of us with more experience dress for the job you want, defer husad those with more time in the department apparently are not common to the newbies. Fine, with some interesting bits, but seemed overall a bit formulaic: Humorous yet wise, irreverent yet marvelously practical, this book will help you learn Why “just being yourself” is a terrible idea.

As I began my job hunt, I was sufficiently dazzled by this prospect even though I had never up until that point considered acting, directing, or screenwriting. Hardest read in recent memory. There are brilliant nustad, but If I come to work tomorrow, I might go crazy.

I just can’t picture the audience at all. Sure, I would benefit financially from global capitalism, but I would maintain my purity by doing a really mediocre job.

And, oh yeah, passports. So none of this is new, just reiterated in her own words. There aren’t a whole lot of lessons to be learned, but it is good to reinforce the things we should all remember. Following the advice given in the book will not make you a machine, as I used to think before I started reading business self help books. We’ll call him Bert. I couldn’t find much practical advice in this book.


I need to make sure to remember this when “crucial conversations” are had at work. Excellent book on how to enjoy work and improve your professionalism. But by the end of the book, I couldn’t help but want to run away screaming from my current office setting given all the advice Hustad had given me about how to “succeed.

The author is well-read and a gifted writer; I enjoyed reading it– I just wish I could send it to my year-old self.

How to Be Useful: A Beginner’s Guide to Not Hating Work: Megan Hustad: : Books

Pay more hkstad to others feelings than your own and have some signature empty space questions: It’s too bad that the audience for which this book is intended will probably not bother to read it, however.

Oct 27, Maureen rated it really liked it. She makes good points, and the book is fairly short. In How to Be Useful, Megan Husfad dismantles the myths of getting ahead and helps you navigate the murky waters of office life.

Now you want to make a good impression, express yourself, excel.

One such Sunday, I was so preoccupied with reading Jonathan Franzen’s The Corrections that I did not even leave my bed the whole hustda – except, of course, to hit the toilet, get more coffee, make Bloody Marys and nibble on some cheese. The advice is good; if you’re looking for a self-help book on how to become more successful in the workplace, especially if your first real job has disillusioned you a little bit as mine hasyou could do worse.

What I didn’t like was the title and cover mean.

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