Lucy Cornelssen was a German mystic who lived that last part of her life at the Arunachala Hill in South India. She writes from direct experience, sharing. Hunting the I, according to Sri Ramana Maharshi. A book on spiritual queries. Download – Hunting the I – by Lucy Cornelssen. Lucy Cornelssen – ‘Hunting the ‘I’. DON’T FIGHT – JUST WATCH There is only one way to ovecome the ghost to watch it. Do not fight, do not.

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Abstemiousness means freedom not only from greed, but from all desires.

The peace often gained must be remembered at other times. This is of course possible only when the guru has himself realised the Truth. But it is not new.

How can we bring this Identity from deep sleep up into the waking state? It is the Higher Power which is behind everything and man is only a tool. By further expansion this led to the period of Animism.

Full text of “Hunting The I According To Ramana Maharshi Lucy Cornelssen”

Well, I shall stay here as Arunachala, the Hill of Light, and when during Autumn the Moon shall arise on the horizon at the same hour when the Sun is setting, there shall be a huge fire lit on the summit, radiating far around.


A charity to support Th Rangammal Memorial Trust. There are documents about this available already from the third millennium B. The dream- creations are purposeful; they serve the dreampurpose. Where does the mind come in? It is evident that you are discontent with the present state.

To ask other readers questions about Hunting The ‘I’huntinb sign up.

How can we get at It? The instrument, brought forth by the Spirit of the ancient land, lost in the sea, to call the man of the 20th century, broke down on April 14th,destroyed cornelsssn an incurable sarcoma.

More gifted than others, she was able to personify her national intentions in a Triple Star of contemporary cornelswen souls: However, he himself, after having lost his boyhood name, never again used any name, not even to sign a legal document.

He will be enormously ignorant and foolish! Swami Vivekananda laid the foundation of the first nationwide organisation for the social uplift of the suffering masses at home, simultaneously carrying abroad the rich spiritual heritage of his country, which was then practically unknown outside India.


In fact God is none other than the Self. In other words, develop an unconcerned witness- consciousness towards men, things and happenings without, but particularly towards yourself th.

Simple Be-ing is the Self. Something within the boy that had been dormant was waking up. Nor do we know what happiness is. There is no jnana as it is commonly understood. Or we can take refuge in the wise Patanjali and adopt the first two steps of his Ashtanga Yoga, Yama and Niyama. Lists with This Book.

Hunting The ‘I’

Carried over from ancient times, it originally meant a path of ritual worship. Yoga is only a sadbana znAjnana is the siddbi. He confounds it with the non-self, viz. Corne,ssen everything entirely to Him. That single thought keeps away other thoughts; distraction of mind is a sign of weakness. You ask Me to stay on earth for being worshipped. Destroy the ego by seeking its identity.

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