Alert 13 – 17 Fall From Heights Results in Fatality. Alert 14 – 19 Dropped Object Results in Near Miss. Alert Crown Saver Device – Near Miss.

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Amputation — Fan Blade.

Fall from Ladder Results in a Fatality. Drill Collar Backs out of Lift Sub. Improper Storage of Materials. Arun Kumar Bandyopadhyay Mar 30, at I am work in drilling rig and i would like share in the morning meetting in rig site.

Leon Johnstone Jan 23, at 7: Please send me safety alerts and presentations to share with my crews on the rig. Tubing Transfer Results in Near Miss. Torch Cutting Operations Results in a Fire.

IADC Safety Posters

Nitrogen Bottles Improperly Filled. Fatality — Contract Welder. Thank you jcmilburn hotmail. Wrench Dropped from Derrick. Please send me the latest safety alerts to my email. Safety Alerts and Safety Presentations for my crews on the rig. Please feed back any alerts or info that you have. Bee Stings Result in Anaphylactic Reaction. Misuse of High Pressure Cleaner. Improper Rigging Results in a Fatality. Casing Stabbing Basket Incidents. Sling Parted and Dropped Drill Pipe.


Discharge of Synthetic Based Mud Overboard. Fergani Boudjema Aug 1, at 6: Diverter Equipment — High Potential Consequences. Rig Collapse with Fatalities and Injuries. Fatal Incident — Crewman Crushed. Fatality — Fall from Derrick Ladder. Crane Failure Results in Dropped Load.

Lost control of Drill Pipe Results in a Fatality. Fall Overboard Results in a Fatality.

Fatality while Trying to Fill Up Casing. Asif Mar 6, at 3: Riser Operations Results in a Fall.

Unguarded Engine Fan Results in an Injury. More on Casing Safety. Mohanraj senthilkumar Feb 23, at Fall from Equipment onto a Trailer Results in a Laceration.

High Potential Dropped Object. Fatality — High Pressure Air Release. Worker Killed by Wireline Spool Unite. Casing Tong Support Spring Failure. Employee Slipped While going Down Stairs. Leon Jan 23, at alegts Rigging Down Operations Results in a Fall. Fall from Scaffolding Results in Employee Injury. Energy Lock — Out Procedures.

Alert Finger Injury Leads to LTI – IADC – International Association of Drilling Contractors

This discussion is a part of our pre tour meeting as well. Trapped Pressure Following Casing Test. Gardner Denver Safety Notice. Unsecured Cover Fractures Arm. Dropped Object — Falling Sledge Hammer. Fall Results in Recordable Injury.

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