View and Download IBM ThinkPad X setup manual online. IBM ThinkPad X: Install Guide. ThinkPad X Laptop pdf manual download. Contents ThinkPad X / i Series Hardware Maintenance Manual 1 Introduction 2 Important Service Information 2 How to Use Error Messages 3 How to. IBM. Part Number: 08K ThinkPad X Quick. Reference and Service IBM Service Website: Note: To see the Online User’s Guide, click Start.

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Do not replace a non- defective FRU. La batterie contient du nickel. Compruebelo agitando el sistema y escuchando los posibles ruidos que provocaroan.

If no error is detected, do not replace mnaual FRUs. Make sure that the diskette does not have more than one label attached to it. Failure symptoms, error codes appearing on the display, and beep symptoms 6. Others may indicate a problem with a device, such as the way it has been config- ured. Verify the symptoms by attempting to recreate the failure by running the diagnostic test or manuaal repeating the same operation.

Die Bereitschaftsbatterie, thinkad sich unter dem Diskettenlaufwerk befindet, kann geringe Mengen Nickel und Cadmium enthalten. Incorrect handling can cause damage and permanent loss of data on the drive. Verify this by shaking the computer and lis- tening for rattling sounds. Use this manual along with the advanced diagnostic tests to trouble- shoot problems effectively.

Metallic parts or metal flakes can cause electrical short circuit. When power is turned on, the hibernation file in the boot record on the hard disk drive is read and the system status is restored from the hard disk drive.


POST does not complete. A KB diskette written to or formatted on a 1. Sie durfen nicht zerlegt, wiederaufgeladen, kurzgeschlossen, oder Feuer oder Wasser ausgesetzt werden. Do not replace any FRUs if log errors do not reappear.

This practice ensures correct grounding of the units. En effet, une batterie inappropriee risque de prendre feu ou d’exploser. The label can cause damage to the drive or can cause the drive to fail.


Intel Intel Corporation Mylar E. If any problems are found, replace the FRU. Pour eviter tout risque d’exposition au rayon laser, respectez les consignes de reglage et d’utilisation des commandes, ainsi que les procedures decrites.

Disconnect all power before: Akkus enthalten geringe Mengen von Nickel. Aus Sicherheitsgriinden die Kunststoffabdeckung, die den unteren Teil der Spannungswandlerplatine umgibt, nicht entfernen. LCD panel cracked by applying excessive force or from being dropped Scratched cosmetic parts Cracked or broken plastic parts, broken latches, broken pins, or broken connectors caused by exces- sive force Damage caused by liquid spilled into the system Damage caused by the improper insertion of a PC Card or the installation of an incompatible card Damage caused by foreign material in the FDD Diskette drive damage caused by the diskette drive cover being pressed or by the insertion of a diskette with multiple labels Damaged or bent diskette janual button CD-ROM drive damage caused by excessive force, shock, or from thonkpad dropped Fuses blown by attachment of a nonsupported device Forgotten computer password think;ad the computer unusable The following symptoms might indicate damage caused by by nonwarranted activities: The following events manuxl the computer to resume opera- tion from suspend mode: If no sound is played, replace the speaker or the system board.


Lenovo ThinkPad 390X Manuals

Remove the four screws securing the Diskette Drive as inm. If the customer forgets the Supervisor password, the system board must be replaced. Ensure that your sleeves are fastened or rolled up above your elbows. Use only the battery in the appropriate parts listing. Use good judgment as to the safety of any non-IBM alterations.

System board The system will not 1.

Ibm ThinkPad X Manuals

The screws do not separate from the modem board cover. Dispose the battery as required by local ordi- nances or regulations. The most likely cause is listed first. Disconnect the cable from the main unit. Run the advanced diagnostic test for the system board in loop mode at least 10 times.

Search the symptoms column and find the description that best matches your symptom; then go to the page shown in the “Go to” column.

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