Find great deals for ILFORD EM10 Darkroom Printing Exposure Monitor Boxed. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Feb 13, I have pm’d you Tony. Very kind offer much appreciated. By the by, do you recommend any other metering assistance for determining exposure. Jun 19, Ilford EM10 Exposure Meter. Anyone have any experience using this meter. On a whim I bought one off of ebay for $20 delivered. It arrived.

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In fact, if it has blinking lights, beeping noises or a flashing LCD display, I usually can’t live without it. Write a review cccsatqwucdycqvabbxszb.

Method One, if you have not previously made prints: Ensure the calibration knob is set ot the appropriate calibration number. The time now is ilcord Some of us use use test strips to judge exposure and contrast, whilst others use electronic enlarging meters.

To calibrate the meter using the standard test negative in the enlarger, set at the aperture and enlarger height that was used to make the acceptable print.

Keep your standard negative and a print in a safe place to use when needed. He says “it still works fine July having checked it against another digital thermometer and my original glass one from the ‘s”. Better to pick an area with medium density as the target. An EM10 is illford not what you think it is. Note the calibration knob setting. If you wish to crop the negative to be printed, first measure the print as described above as a full frame negative and then crop and re-measure to make the uncropped print.


I must give it a go someday.

If one of the exposure times has not produced a correct density print, repeat steps 6 and 7 using different exposure times until the emm10 density is obtained. This device is extraordinary. Vaughn, that link can be confusing because of a typo under USE 3. See any errors on this page?

Rick Jones Oct 27, Then all of a sudden there has been a spate of “new EM10s”. They show how sophisticated solid state electronics had penetrated most aspects of life by the early s. Once I get a ilfoord print, I then place the probe end of EM10 on a shadow area with detail, and adjust the knob till it turns green. The EM10 in Use: Find all posts by Richard Gould. All exposure meters for enlargers require calibration to the filters being used, the enlarger lamp brightness, the paper being used, the developer, the developer strength, the developer temp and the developer time before they me10 be accurate.

Method Two, If you have a slide or negative of known exposure for a particular enlargement: It uses a 9V battery. You also have to use a standard exposure time and the combination of a fixed time and the available f-stop range of your lens may not make for a practical combination.

Ilford Electronic Darkroom Equipment

Nicholas Lindan Oct 27, Work with me baby, yeah! Half stop adjustments are too big for it. As a rule of thumb, I tend to overexpose on the camera all of my color negative work. All it does it does is ilfodd its little light come on when the enlarger brightness reaches a level as set on its numerical dial.


Ilford em10 Exposure Meter*** | S/H Darkroom |

It saves tons of trial and error testing. The light sensitive cell ilforc the monitor is positioned so it is close to the enlarger base-board during use, and accurately measures the amount of light received by the paper. Once calibrated, exposure determination from one slide to another or from one colour or black and ilforx negative to another is simply a matter of measuring the light level of a particular area of the image, and then varying the enlarger lens aperature until the green LED on the exposure monitor is lit.

Take all readings in total darkness except for the light from the enlarger. The orange mask in color negative films greatly reduce the brightness of the projected image, thus reducing the effective range of the meter. I’ve done my good darkroom deed for the day. The exposure monitor also automatically compensates for the change in exposure for different density colour filters in the enlarger.

Yes, more exposure might bring up detail in the highlights that would otherwise be washed out in the print, but it will also obscure detail in the shadows as they get darker. Latest Trending Photos Videos. Either way, I don’t think it will save you much paper in test strips if that was what you were hoping. Vaughn Oct 27,

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