Ilford FP4 Plus + Ilfosol S. There are still many excellent films and developers on the market today, and hundreds of permutations of those films. Ilfosol-3 Film Developer is an enhanced, one-shot updated version of Ilford’s Ilfosol-S. It has been created to suit the needs of photographers who prefer to use . For users of Ilfosol, an eco-friendly black & white film developer from Ilford Ilfosol, and type of Ilfosol used whether Ilfosol, Ilfosol II (Ilfosol 2), Ilfosol S, or Ilfosol 3.

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Rated 4 out of 5 by RNCotton from Well rounded developer with smooth tone Ilfosol-3 has become my go-to developer. I prefer not to use an acid-based stop-bath.

I can’t compare it to Ilfosol S, as that had been withdrawn before I had chance to use it.

Ilford Ilfosol | Flickr

However, for greater economy, Ilfosol 3 can also be used with many films at a higher dilution of 1: I use ml of solution for my mm and ml of solution for my 35mm. I’ll keep an eye open for signs of degregation though now I know about Ilfosol-S being prone to rapid failure, taking into account what you mention John. Ilfosol S or D Better to ilfoaol just plain water at 20 degrees C for two or three minutes with constant agitation for the first 30 seconds.

Rated 5 out i,fosol 5 by Mat from Great for everything It’s very versatile. Rated 5 out of 5 by Spencer P. Mix only what you need to use right then. International orders are processed the next shipping day. It is asserted that Ilfosol 3 doesn’t have the “sudden death” failure mode of Ilfosol S.


I don’t believe that at all. But is it worth it?

Ilfosol S vs. Ilfosol 3??

I switched to Perceptol for a while, but I miss the convenience of a fine grain liquid one shot In Stock Update Location close. I have found that it has a reasonably long shelf-life as long as certain elementary precautions are taken.

I use ‘The Massive Development Chart’ to get times for this developer with different films. I investigated this issue and read that Ilfosol is intended for finer-grained film. Your name or email address: I don’t like to say that, but it’s true. Ilfosol S is a liquid concentrate one-shot developer. I did this and found that I’ll have to reduce the time further as the negatives came out a little too contrasty.

Honestly, I’ve stored the concentrate for 6 months after initial opening and it’s still spot-on. This isn’t fault of the developer, I’m new at large format and just have to get more experience working with the Ilford line of products.

Not my favorite developer, tho’ good with slow films, but didn’t fail unexpectedly. It will show them that we are commited to using the products and that we don’t want them to stop producing them. Since posting I’ve developed a couple films with the Ilfosol 3 and have to say I quite like it. This site uses cookies. One ml bottle is good for about 10 rolls of film.

At least Ilfosol-S changes colour before it dies, thus giving you fair warning. Ilfosol S is a great developer for films, but it also works great with HP5, Neopan ss tri-X. Order in the next 0: The rest can be stored. Check the density against the fogged bit of leader on a normally developed roll.


Ilfosol S versus Ilfosol 3 | Photography Forums

I thought about selling it and buying Ilfosol-S intead. I really appreciated reading about the Ilfol-S test. I’ve included some photos for reference Date published: Since you are in Estonia and I don’t knwo what is available there I’ll give you my experience.

See any errors on this page? Apr 26, 7. Thus at the usual 1: Apr 26, 2.

It is not the best choice of film ilfoslo those who wish to push-process — its stable-mate HP5 Plus is rather more robust and forgiving in this respect, and those people who believe that a little extra development never did any harm had better watch out and ss themselves for long printing sessions with much burning-in of highlight areas.

And after a little calculating, i discovered that it wont go bad before using all of it. There are still many excellent films and developers on the market today, and hundreds of permutations of those films and developers… enough, in fact, to keep the most ardent photographers and researchers occupied ilosol their densitometers for a long time.

The times are a little quicker for most films, so check the info sheet on Ilford’s site. I buy from both Ilford and Kodak and other smaller manufacturers like Foma and Efke as well. This is the only developer that I’ve used, so far.

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