This paper assessed the progress of IMNCI in India, identified the programme bottlenecks, and also assessed the effect on coverage of key newborn and. Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illnesses (IMNCI). ” Close to 50 per cent of newborn deaths in India occur during the first seven days of birth. India: Students’ Handbook for IMNCI (Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness). Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India;.

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Is ‘Social and Behaviour Change Communication’ about campaigns and production of communication materials?

Indian J Community Med. Effectiveness in improving coverage ofnewborn and childcare practices Table 5 summarizes the comparison between changes in the coverage of lndia indicators between the IMNCI districts and the control districts.

Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. One of the trained inci workers is engaged and trained as supervisor to support her peers, with some allowance for mobility. Finally, each component received a score that was the total of all the scores of its indicators: The team jointly assigned the final score by consensus. The referral health centre in Kukshi block of Dhar is now just one of several with an efficient maternity ward. In three states, the trained supervisors assessed the performance of a sample of imncii workers during home-visits to newborns using a standard checklist.

Assessment of Implementation of Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness in India

First, the programme assessment, as conducted in the selected districts, needs to be conducted in indix the states and districts to identify the programme bottlenecks. There are certain limitations of the study. While some information e. A recent analysis of the inia of the Accelerated Child Survival and Development Programme in Africa also highlighted the role of systemic issues affecting the effectiveness of the child-survival programmes Data from quality checks on a random subset of about 70 training programmes across 14 states, using a standard tool.


Guidelines – Governnment of India

Courageous teen crafts rescue to save mother and her baby. Integrated management of neonatal and childhood illness: One of the major reasons for the slow decline in the IMR is the stagnation in neonatal mortality.

National family health survey NFHS-3— What programme bottlenecks affect the effective implementation of the strategy and how have they been addressed so far, if at all? Of these births, 72, The number of workers trained per year per district ranged from to 1, across different states, with a median of While the roll-out is slow, the detailed operational plans ensured the reasonable quality of the training programmes and have imnco the kndia of the workers.

Besides, their performance was also assessed during indiw rapid programme assessment of IMNCI in seven districts across seven states as described in the next section. Bull World Health Organ. Office of Registrar General. A West Bengal father and his special daily delivery. The trainers train for half a month and supervise the trained workers in the remaining half. Distribution of category of workers trained in IMNCI, totalworkers in districts.

Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness (IMNCI) | PSM Made Easy

Recognizing newborn care as critical for improving child survival, it was strengthened in IMNCI by increasing the newborn-care component of the training programme and including prevention and management of health conditions in the first week of life. The proportions of workers who appropriately classified, identified treatment, and counselled were used as key indicators to assess the quality of home-visits. Find us on Facebook. The multi-country evaluation of IMCI had strikingly similar findings.

Accelerated child imdia and development programme in West Africa: It was recommended that public accountability should be enhanced to identify and address the bottlenecks of delivery Fourth, besides strengthening the line supervisory structures, engagement of non-governmental organizations, universities, and other institutions should be considered in a systematic manner to ensure supportive supervision to the trained workers, at least for an initial few years after the training.


Close to 50 per cent of imdia deaths in India occur during the first seven days of birth.

During12 early-implementing districts had covered most key newborn and child practice inria compared to the control districts; however, the difference was significant only for care-seeking for acute respiratory infection net difference: Sample registration system statistical report Community action for safe motherhood Dhar, Madhya Pradesh Dhar is a predominantly tribal district in southwestern Madhya Pradesh. The present study, however, could not ascertain the compliance of the families with the referral.

Quality of home-visits In three states, the trained supervisors assessed the performance of a sample of community workers during home-visits to newborns using a standard checklist. There are also potential ways to improve the supplies and logistics for the IMNCI-trained workers, such as stocking supplies with Village Health and Sanitation Committees, as inxia been tried in an ongoing randomized controlled trial in India that aims to assess the effectiveness of IMNCI on newborn and child mortality Bhandari N.

Quality of care for sick children in 3 states. The key indicators used for assessing the coverage of home-visits are shown in Table 1. Operational guidelines for implementation of integrated management of neonatal and childhood illnesses. Abstract Inci the current rate of decline in infant mortality, India is unlikely to achieve the Millennium Development Goal on child survival.

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