SR61 – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: SR60 Scanner Programmer’s Reference Manual. Intermec Technologies Corporation. Worldwide Headquarters. 36th Ave.W. Everett, WA U.S.A. CK3c Mobile Computer User’s Manual. Intermec operate and service Intermec- manufactured equipment and is not to be released, reproduced, or cordless scanners, such as the SF51 and SR61 through Bluetooth.

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To scan a bar code label with a laser scanner or 1D linear imager 1 Point the SR61 at the bar code label and hold the SR61 at a slight angle 15 to 25 cm 6 to 10 in from the label.

Page 8 Accessories for the SR Disable All Symbologies SR61 is not changed.

Intermec SR61 User Guide – Page 1 of 90 |

EasySet to locate the SR The code is continuous and not self-checking. You need to charge the battery now.

Scanning Bar Codes Long-term exposure to the laser beam can damage your vision. There may be other U.

Intermec SR61 User Manual

It is a variable length, continuous code that uses multiple element widths. Patent Information 6,; 6,; 6,; 6,; 6,; 6,; 6,; 6,; 6,; 6,; 6,; 6,; 6,; 6,; 6,; intwrmec 6,; 6,; 6,; 6,; 6,; 6,; 6,; 6,; 6,; 6,; 6,; 6, Error Beep Enables or disables the error beep.


Contents Contents Before You Begin. When you select a lower decode security level, the SR61 can decode bar codes with poorer print quality.

Bluetooth Address is the Bluetooth address xr61 your SR When you successfully scan a You can use one of these applications: Use this chapter to solve problems you may have while using the SR Visit the Intermec support services knowledge base Knowledge Central at intermec.

The scan engine option of your SR61 is the sixth character of the configuration number. To connect to a host computer, enter the Bluetooth address of the computer and scan the bar code with the SR Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

When the Trigger Timeout period is reached, the scanner starts flashing. This chapter contains these topics: Do not remove the battery or place the SR61 in a 1-bay charger until the tone stops. Trigger Timeout period is reached.

Intermec SR61 User Guide

When the Status light is on due to a long duration time, the SR61 can still read new bar codes and receive commands. Data Editing Data editing allows you to edit data scanned by the SR61 before it is transmitted to your host. Country Of Origin is another typical data field included in this symbology. Wr61 IP30 Instructions Manual 36 pages.


SR61 is not changed. Interleaved 2 of 5 command, Interlink firmware upgrade application, described, Intermec ingermec connecting to, supported, using to configure the SR61, contact information, Ready-to-Work indicator described, illustration, SmartWedge, described, telephone support, ISBT command, Japan Post command, You should also be familiar with Bluetooth communications.

The scan engine option of your SR61 is the sixth character of the configuration number. Configuration Command Reference Use this chapter to learn about the configuration commands supported on the SR Trigger Turn Off After Mode Index Product Support, calling, 26 settings, restoring default, inhermec product version, how to get, 26 Setup Beep command, 51 pulse, Appendix A— Specifications and Accessories 0″ 8″ 16″ 24″ 32″ 40″ 48″ 56″ 64″ in 64″ 80 56″

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