Hydranencephaly after Maternal Butane-gas Intoxication during Pregnancy . Hydranence’phalie apr.?s intoxication maternelle par le gaz butane durant la. Autoerotic Accident by Inhalation of Propane-Butane Gas Mixture Toxicologic investigations revealed an intoxication with propane and butane .. kan ve doku örneklerinde gaz komponentlerinin analizinin yap›labilmesi tan›. Butane is a colourless and flammable gas with a gasoline-like or natural gas This paper discusses the medico-legal approach for this type of intoxication.

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No increase in the severity of response by duration is expected for concentration-dependent effects after reaching a steady state.

Mean brain concentrations of gwz in dead rats 7. On the other side the circle of Willis and the vertebrobasilar system were patent. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Authors who publish with this journal agree to the following terms: Exposure groups consisted of laboratory or clerical personnel males and females, years of age.

Ventricular tachycardia and ventricular fibrillation were noted.

Butane | C4H10 – PubChem

In addition, it has been stated that gases which are relatively insoluble in blood increase rapidly toward equilibrium with the inhaled concentration and the less soluble in blood the faster the narcotic action of the gas Drummond The reported data LC 16LC 50and LC 84 indicate that the concentration-response curve for a 2-h exposure in mice and a 4-h exposure in rats are very similar see Table Guinea pigs exposed for 5 min at 50, ppm showed no significant effects.

Retrieved 3 October Total uncertainty factor of 3 for differences between species and individuals.

Data on intoxication by liquefied petroleum gas a mixture of predominantly propane and butane in varying proportions were not considered. The baby was in good condition, with Apgar scores of 7 at one minute and 9 at five minutes. In a continuous exposure test, subjects were exposed to butane at slowly increasing concentrations up to 50, ppm for an unknown duration but at least 10 min.


This might be explained by the difference in the ratio of minute ventilation to body weight, which is approximately two-fold greater in mice. BeH 2 covalent metal hydride Right: It is difficult to distinguish between direct toxicity of butane and the effects caused by hypoxia. Three cases of sudden death due to butane or propane gas inhalation: At 50, ppm, irregular breathing and dazed appearance during second hour of exposure, but animals were able to walk. Keywords lpg butane propane suicide autopsy.

The 2-h LC 01 for mice was chosen as starting point for AEGL-3 derivation, because mice appear to intoxiation the more susceptible species andppm intooxication the lowest concentration tested.

The boy suffered from sinus tachycardia and a widespread ST-segment elevation was noted. A severe encephalomalacia was noted. Concerned parents Children affected by a parent’s drinking Alcohol and Cancer Worried about someone?

Inhalation of butane can cause euphoriadrowsinessunconsciousnessasphyxiacardiac arrhythmiafluctuations in blood pressure and temporary memory loss, when abused directly from a highly pressurized container, and can result in intoxicatoon from asphyxiation and ventricular fibrillation. Thalamus, Hirnstamm und Kleinhirn waren erhalten. Third, the use of an intraspecies factor of 3 intpxication lead to AEGL-1 values that are unrealistically low e. Detection of the metabolites; pp.

A year-old boy died from butane abuse Nishi et al. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation was commenced.

The toxicity of butane is low. The 2-h LC 01 for mice isppm and the 4-h LC 01 for rats isppm. A total uncertainty factor of 3 is considered sufficient to account for toxicokinetic and toxicodynamic differences between individuals and interspecies differences for the following reasons. The Moro extensive multicystic encephalomalacia, reflex was brisk.


No increase in effect from longer durations of exposure is expected for concentrationdependent effects after reaching a steady state.

Butane – Wikipedia

The experimental procedure in the study by Stoughton and Lamson is poorly described, but suggests that the reported concentrations of butane are probably initial concentrations in a closedchamber setting.

The description of the results intoxjcation that butaen effects did not increase in severity with continuation of exposure. A few moments after one such episode of abuse he experienced severe anterior chest pain. The boy suffered from asystolic cardiac arrest and cardiopulmonary resuscitation was commenced.

Suicide by Inhalation of Suffocative Gas

In nonfatal cases, butane appears to have frequently affected the heart and brain. Each dog was exposed butane at nominal concentrations of 0. Quantitative exposure estimates are lacking for all cases. A min exposure to butane at 10, ppm caused drowsiness in human volunteers. For a reasons and because subjects exposed at slowly increasing concentrations of butane up to 50, ppm for at least 10 min did not experience any significant adverse effects, a modifying factor is not considered necessary.

National Academy Press; Surviving mice recovered within a few min after exposure ended.

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