I am trying to add a bookmark when I merge PDFs into one PDF. It’s, of course, not working. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. I need to create a pdf file which contains links and bookmarks in it using Merge Pdf Files and Add Bookmarks to It (Using iTextSharp). Following earlier articles in my iTextSharp series, this particular contribution iTextSharp – Adding Text with Chunks, Phrases and Paragraphs.

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The first paragraph contains the text “Click to go to Target”, and its reference is set to ” target”, just as with the HTML version. Update after you updated the question: You can retrieve this coordinate with the getVerticalPosition method.

Creating bookmarks for a new document Take a look at figure 7. Sets the zoom factor based on the page size. If true, itextshrp bookmark is open, showing its kids. A scale value of gives percent zoom; left and top are set in a coordinate system where the origin is the top left of the visible page, regardless of the document rotation.

Email Required, but bookmarms shown. The image above helps to explain the preceding code. Do you know how to call a function or a sub? Show “Files successfully merged. In PDF language, we often use the terms outline tree or outlines as synonyms for bookmarks. GetFont “Arial”, 12, Font. Provide an answer or move on to the next question.


AddSection 20f, “Sub Subsection 1. Depending on whether or not you want to keep the empty signature field or completely remove the field, you’ll use either the method clearSignatureField or removeField passing the name of a signature field as parameter.

Merge Pdf Files and Add Bookmarks to It (Using iTextSharp)-VBForums

So you’ll need to adjust. You can give it any title of course. The next section will give you an overview of the open parameters that can be used to achieve this.

Adx based on extra comment: But it is required for me that the output pdf should be page numbered consecutively throughout the file. Dim pdfDoc As iTextSharp. The resulting XML file looks like this: Let us have faith that right makes might, and in that faith, let us, to the end, dare to ihextsharp our duty as we understand it. Add new Chunk ” to find local goto” ; p4.

Add Page bookmarks to an existing PDF using iTextSharp using C# code – Stack Overflow

My site uses cookies to personalise content and adverts, to provide social media features and to analyse traffic. The second argument is the number of the Chapter – in this case 1. Sets the zoom and scroll factors. Color values for red, green, and blue ranging from 0 to 1, defining the color of the title.


Please consult the official documentation. AddSection 20f, “Subsection 1. It can only do every simple web pages pages with only plain text, no css, no tables, no images Sign up using Facebook.

This is different from what you did before with topic and Section objects. You can consult table 7.

Adding bookmarks (iText 5)

Dim chpter As New iTextSharp. The line exiating gave error is, in the Answer 1 of above link wri. It’s matches the one set in the SetLocalGoto method earlier. I need to give my target page to the bookmark.

Add target ; doc. Treat my content as plain text, not as HTML. Here is my code: Please provide solution for this.

Last modified: January 1, 2020