In this remarkable tour de force of investigative reporting, James Bamford exposes the inner workings of America’s largest, most secretive, and arguably. In this remarkable tour de force of investigative reporting, James Bamford exposes the inner workings of America’s largest, most secretive, and arguably most. Oct 13, Interesting essay about James Bamford and his efforts to publish The Puzzle Palace over the NSA’s objections. Required reading for those who.

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Even though this book was written back in the 80’s – so much of it smacks of being exactly the same today One advantage was to establish listening posts in other countries to monitor the activity going on. May 16, Stewart rated it liked it.

Before even Bush era legal authorization this data was being collected and all foreign contacts swept for key words, slang, repeated unknown phrases – names, dates, palacs. So, it’s no novel, but the intrinsic interest of the subject matter rhe up for this.

It also seems to be a network unto its own ranging from going beyond the law to developing worldwide infringement on other countries to the total control over the people that work in the agency.

Jul 06, David Wen rated it it was ok. But surely it matters, at least in a practical way. It also allowed documents requested under the FOIA or Privacy Act to be classified or reclassified provided they met specified requirements e.


The Puzzle Palace by James Bamford | : Books

It’s the Mossad, for crying out loud. It is astounding how much money – billions – has and is going into this agency that often makes our American policies irrespective of the President!

Amazing how much information is available that the Media ignores.

This was a provocative, informative, and valuable book when I read it, which I believe was during the late s, and it has become so again inas anyone who’s been following the news in America is bound to realize. Somewhat scary history up until the late ‘s. Now, a 13 year old kid with a decent connection to the Internet and some simple Google searches can find ways to conduct crude but sometimes effective hacks.

The whole Afterword feels like a reader’s digest attempt to write a version of Puzzle Palace about the GCHQ- something that Bamford should just go ahead and do if it’s that interesting. The United States intelligence agency while contributing in the global communications also gained power in the information it obtained from other countries.

Feb 17, James rated it it was amazing.

The Puzzle Palace: A Report on America’s Most Secret Agency – James Bamford – Google Books

The author has sprinkled remarks of his own or perhaps others’, too ; seemingly sarcastic and saying “can you believe what they had done? Books by James Bamford. Open Preview See a Problem? This is an author who approached the subject of the most secretive and least understood organization in our Defense Dept and government with a sensationalist journalist perspective. A very telling detail was the long and complex negotiations with companies like Western Union to get them to turn over their traffic to the NSA- and Western Union and the other communications companies eventually caved and agreed to do it!


What do people think? Circuit Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg ruled that the library associations and other plaintiffs lacked standing to bring their lawsuit in the first instance. DES encryption which has since been obsoleted. This book wasn’t the easiest to read however, several chapters I ended up “speed reading” through as they seemed clogged with way too much uninteresting detail.

If you want more substantial, try TANS, Vol I and II, true stories from military intelligence professionals who not only served at the Palace but in stations around the globe.

I take books like this with a large grain of salt.

The Puzzle Palace

Thanks for telling us about the problem. This page was last edited on 13 Novemberat Talk about a turn-around!

Sep 13, John rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Dec 27, Ushan rated it liked it. One can only imagine how far technology has developed since then.

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