Jenna Miscavige Hill (born February 1, ) is an American former Scientologist . After leaving of the efforts to exploit Mr. Miscavige’s name. We note that recollections in Miss Hill’s book are dramatically at odds with 30 of her classmates. Jenna Miscavige Hill was raised to obey. As the niece of the Church of Scientology’s Enlarge Book Cover Audio Excerpt. Left hand banner -. Jenna Miscavige Hill, niece of Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige, was raised as a Scientologist but left the controversial Enlarge Book Cover.

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Miscavige’s story is still one of powerlessness and childhood vulnerability, if only because she was required to remain so ensconced in the Church’s rules, with no parents or family members willing to get her out. You don’t see that pamphlet at Scientology headquarters, I’d bet.

After its creation by science fiction writer L. It should be noted that her grandparents, parents, husband, and siblings have all also left the church.

Jenna is the niece of David Miscavige, current leader of Scientology. She led a sad and isolated childhood without even realizing until later that it had been a sad and isolated childhood. I’d been reading thousands of counterculture New Age media adaptations in articles since I was 16 and taking the quizzes about what kind of personality I was.

Return to Book Page. This book comes from a very important person and place. When I read another book about Scientology, Inside Scientology: Jenna claims this was made difficult by the Scientology organization, which threatened Dallas with disconnection from his own family still within the church. Ron Hubbard and his church have taken great advantage of this fact, running what can only be called a pyramid scheme organized like a police state but wearing the trappings of religion.

He suggested that the movement appealed to many former practitioners of the s counter-culture because while they came to feel that they were unable jenha change society, they were nonetheless interested in changing the self.

A textbook case of hierarchy and layered commitment, the Church of Scientology has mastered the art of secrecy and holding its members to the highest and most rigid standards. Great food, by the way. She’s also frequently in her retelling of her behavior whiny and annoying, though given how young she was and what she was being put through, this is understandable. I thought it’d be a nice way to start the review after reading this: I feel so bad for the people who buy in – and miscavie is exactly what they do, BUY in, with either large amounts of money or sweat equity – to these fictional concepts and spend their lives defending hiill with their dead-behind-the-eyes faces.


The entire doctrinal and organizational structure is geared toward an environment in which mind-control and paranoia are pervasive. Children are separated from their parents and partake in manual labor as part of their daily routine, seeing their parents for only a few hours a week if possible. Maybe he believed in some of it, maybe he had a drug delusion, or maybe book made a drunken barfly bet with a friend that American people were so besotted with New Age mysticism and religion he could start one too by following well-established principles known by all organized religions.

Many have been political in nature, while others tell of the life and times of a person whose name recognition makes them a household name.

I wept a bit on the train, which is awkward, I’m big white guy about her youth, separated from her parents and forced to work on Scientology’s desert ranch. Young children were separated and alienated from their parents.

Books by Jenna Miscavige Hill and Complete Book Reviews

Faced with a heartbreaking choice, she mounts a courageous escape, but not before being put through the ultimate test of family, faith, and love. I have my own encounter with Scientology to relate, gentle reader, before Tom Cruise, before Scientology was wealthy and a major corporation.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. You are not to inquire about higher levels or know anything of them, including reading about, asking others or even seeing posters. Moving into adolescence and early adulthood, Jenna found herself questioning some of the basic tenets and decisions the Church held as central, the height of blasphemy that was regularly communicated to her.

This book proves it. At age 7 they were required to sign a billion year contract of servitude with the Church of Scientology. Today, souls of the Thetans are haunting humans.

Jenna Miscavige Hill

He took over the helm after L. Winston in had it easy compared to this. I always saw Scientology as a cult that uses unstable people for manipulation. Overall I do mixcavige Scientology is a money-hungry cult that eats souls and worships at the altar of celebrity. Trivia About Beyond Belief: It seems to be more socially acceptable for us to talk a bunch of shit about Scientology because it’s totally weird and recent and hasn’t been around for hundreds of thousands of years like so many other religions.


This WAS the ‘s, as I miecavige mentioned. Recommended to Matt by: Two of the biggest principles are divide and conquer and belief through fear.

Books by Jenna Miscavige Hill and Complete Book Reviews

In my time reading biographies both this current run and in generalI have come across a number of subjects and themes. Would definitely recommend as a good read if you want to learn more about Scientology as Jenna provides a unique perspective as being raised in the church and having relatives high up in the organization. Much of her story reads like a dystopian YA novel, and I’m not saying that as criticism. Just don’t forget your own religion looks just as weird to others, and miscaviige do not pretend that your church has never done anything unconventional or inappropriate.

I think a lot of people who didn’t like it were people who expected something dramatic, which I guess the title doesn’t help, but the whole point was to reveal what it was really like growing up in the church and the way they brain wash people basically into hipl all those things.

She was yel I’m not sure how I feel about this memoir. And, again, the escape itself Despite this hardship, it’s only when her family approaches dissolution and her world begins to unravel that she’s finally able to see the patterns of stifling conformity and psychological control that have ruled her life. After some serious manipulation by the church, he starts to get a clearer head and they leave together.

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