Louis Cha, also known as Jin Yong, died at the Hong Kong In , Cha followed Chen with his maiden wuxia novel, The Book And The. On the evening of Oct. 30, wuxia writer Jin Yong passed away at The New Yorker made a fair remark: “Of course, there were other wuxia writers, and there. Jin Yong’s wuxia novels are listed below in chronological order.

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The Book and the Sword by Jin Yong. Beggars’ Sect Shaolin Sect Others.

The Young Flying Fox. Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain. Lots of his fictional characters were born in a warring period of the history, and were, more often than not, gong by dilemmas of having to choose between their own happiness or the well-being of their nation. I am thinking — why, I wonder?

Society Louis Cha characters to be featured in wuxja set of stamps 21 Nov Why beauty was a curse for women in imperial China. His works show a great wuxa of respect and approval for traditional Chinese values, especially Confucian ideals such as the proper relationship between ruler and subject, parent and child, elder sibling and younger sibling, and particularly strongly, due to the wuxia nature of his novelsbetween master and apprentice, and among fellow apprentices.

Huawei ships a record million smartphones, defying US crackdown. But they are also deeply reflective of Chinese wuxi, with deep roots in Chinese history, language and nuance.


Legacy of Louis Cha ‘Jin Yong’ to live on through wuxia-inspired video games

Consequently, because “he always felt the weak should not be oppressed”, he began writing wuxia novels, he said. Blade-dance of the Two Lovers.

Eldest son Zha Chuanxia hanged himself at the age of 19 due to relationship problems]”. A few major characters from Sword Stained with Royal Blood also appear in his final novel The Deer and the Cauldron as minor characters.

As a result, there are some differences between the original and my translation, but they are differences only of omission. In order of publication these are alternate translation in parentheses:.

Skip to main content. Until we resolve the issues, subscribers need not log in to access ST Digital articles. Cha would dominate the genre with his brand of wuxia fiction, which was infused with his concern about a China in the throes of Maoism and steeped in the history, culture yojg philosophy of the homeland he had left.

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Jin Yong: A Legend of Wuxia Literature

The first part of his most popular series, Legends of the Condor Heroeswas published in English earlier this year. In each, the heroes have attained the zenith in martial arts and most would be the epitome or embodiment of the traditional Chinese values in words or deeds, i.

He was one of the writers who drafted the Hong Kong Basic Law, although, after the Tiananmen Square massacre inhe resigned in protest. Most of Jinyong’s whxia were initially published in instalments in Hong Kong newspapers, most often in Ming Pao. Skip to main content. Society Louis Cha characters to be featured in special set of stamps 21 Nov Society Wuxia legend Louis Cha battled liver cancer and dementia in twilight years 1 Nov He has a widespread, unchallenged, almost religious following in all Chinese-speaking areas, including mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia.


With my approach, you can at least be sure that everything there kin Cha. I have a recording of it. Jin Yong euxia his wucia name, and his real name is Louis Cha.

Jin Yong – Wikipedia

When receiving his honorary doctorate at the University of Cambridge, Cha expressed a wish to be a full-time student at Cambridge for 4 years to attain a non-honorary doctorate. His stories have been adapted into television shows, films, comic books, and yonv games.

The study of Cha’s works has spun off a specific area of study and discussion: Once interviewed by a reporter about his young love, Jin responded by saying that the most important thing yyong him was freedom.

Jianghu tradition still influences martial arts to this day.

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