John Riley – Beyond Bop Disc to John Riley – Beyond Bop Ссылки для загрузки. Download John Riley – Beyond Bop Drumming. Beyond Bop Drumming by John Riley, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Documents Similar To John Riley – Beyond Bop Drumming. John Riley – The Art of Bop Uploaded by. modularg2. Tony Williams Vocabulary.

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Beyond Bop Drumming: Drumset Book & CD

Ryan marked it as to-read May 18, Because Ive been doing that but I got stuck at bpm, I just cant do it. Teachers like Alan applied these books to various ideas associated with various jazz and even rock and Latin styles.

The salient thing about “Syncopation” is that you’re thinking musically, as you learn the various methods of playing the lines.

Specifically, the sections on comping examples are very good and give you not only ideas for comping and soloing, but also simultaneously work your independence. Dave Pankhurst rated it liked it Oct 12, Luis Medina marked it as to-read Feb 04, Cecelia Mizzoni rated it it was amazing Dec 15, Published June 27th by Alfred Publishing first published Send a private message to bjparadiddle. Find all posts by randrade Chris Baker rated it it was jhn May 31, Beyond Bop Drumming Just received this book.

Beyond Bop Drumming John Riley here: Dan Ruiter marked it as to-read Jun 03, Beyond Bop Drumming i love both John Riley’s books. Ramin rated it it was amazing Jun 24, I am happy and flattered that they are helpful to so many people.


Send a private message to aydee. BookDB marked it as to-read Sep 14, I’ve been meaning to get this book for a while, having worked through “Art of Bop” cover to cover.

Beyond Bop Drumming by John Riley

Beyond Bop Drumming It’s times like these that you have to thank Bernard and crew for making it all possible. Dawson was Tony William’s teacher. Send a private message to Rasta.

The thing about John’s work is that it takes jonn to the next level by giving you the practical application of the theory. It is not to be taken lightly.

Marcello rated it it was amazing Jan 10, Justin Oliver rated it it was amazing Jan 30, Find all posts by FunkyJazzer. An informed and creative teacher could mold this material to address many common technical, coordination or phrasing issues. I hope seeing these great players inspires you. Find all posts by bjparadiddle. You could play the long notes on the bass drum and short notes on the snare. Send a private message to Dan Lane. Beyond Bop Drumming Quote: I had to learn the concepts of the music on my own, and with sage advice from some friends and other musicians.

They also contain soloing ideas how to solo in the jazz idiombrush patterns, phrasing, phrasing over bars, lots of excellent text, etc This book picks up where that one left off, or rather, it’s a really good idea to go through the first book first as a foundation for the stuff you learn in this book Those teachers who could find ways to use the books avaiable in the jogn creative ways were the most sucessful of teachers.


Don’t waste your time if you’re not prepped for it because you will not get all the simultaneities to happen: Beyond Bop Drumming Thanks to everyone for the replies. Originally Posted by Deltadrummer This is the best way to do it. I reccomend it to every drummer meet.

Originally Posted by randrade89 Hi, So I’ve gotten to the uptempo exercise on page Find all posts by Rasta. Hi, So I’ve gotten to the uptempo exercise on page Beyond Bop Drumming I agree about Riley’s books.

Beyond Bop Drumming

Originally Posted by FunkyJazzer. Originally Posted by caddywumpus. Mike Patek rated it really liked it May 28, Originally Posted by Deltadrummer It is intense. The John Ramsey book on Dawson details these various voicing exercises. Beyond Bop Drumming does anyone have any video’s posted wih them using the techniques used in this book? Working with the Dawson makes those parts of the book attainable for me.

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