In other words, a joseki is fair to both players. A player should of course prefer a variation that gives a favorable result, but be satisfied with joseki in the context of . Josekipedia strives to be the most complete joseki resource on the planet, in a joseki, and you later turn to a joseki dictionary to see what that move means. Kogo’s Joseki Dictionary was last updated: Wednesday, February 25, Kogo’s Joseki Dictionary (KJD) is the world’s most extensive software joseki.

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This one is the best in the sense that you immediately see how the board will look like afterwards, so you can choose proper Joseki according to your current context.

Which joseki are applied in certain fuseki pattern What are the follow-up moves in a joseki pattern: Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I am simply amazed at all the amazing go resources online that I have never known about. Unlike a life and death problem where you can prove that white is dead, there’s no way to prove a move is joseki.

Offline and online resources for Kogo’s Joseki Dictionary : baduk

How many times has this happened to you? When you start having a proper shape intuition, you’ll be able to learn josekis much faster. They are both useful resources, just don’t take them as gospel. Djctionary will come to Josekipedia eventually, but is a ways off.

It is very well possible to play a Go game with the knowledge of only a subset of maybe 30 simple joseki variations. Here is an index of some hard to get to but very useful examples:.


It includes a few variations not seen anywhere else and tends to be very reliable as far as I can confirm this. But some Josekis like are unfortunatelly missing there. The overview contains examples of professional games to illustrate in which typical situations one applies certain variations.

Kogo’s Joseki Dictionary

Comments Explanations can accompany each position in Josekipedia — text that talks about the variation. Content Internationalized Much harder than internationalizing the user interface is translating the actual content. I would highly recommend my own website but Li Kao beat me to it, hehe It’s not really the best choice concerning updates and recent variations, but it’s nice for looking up common variations. Things which you might be interested to learn from the professional games are: This is a kind of wiki for joseki.

While it is nice to see all intermediate stages, it does take an awful lot of screen space to present josekis like this.

Josekipedia strives to be the most complete joseki resource on the planet, in both content and features. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

The dictionary will enable you to perform joseki established sequences usually situated in the corner of the Go board searches in thousands of online professional Go games. Credits Josekipedia was designed and created by Adam Miller, who may be reached at adum adum.

Users browsing this forum: Tue Nov jose,i, Edit History Key to any dictiknary of information is knowing its author. However, a joseki always advantages one player globally over the other, even if by just a tiny bit, given the state of the rest of the board.


Sensei’s Library sure has a lot of content sequences, variations, discussions and yes, even mistakes about joseki, but neither is nor tries at all to be a joseki dictionary in the proper sense. Submit a new text post. If you really can’t figure out whether the sequence given is even or good for white or for black, you should improve in other areas first.

Here, it can’t be automatic, so it must be translated manually. But I don’t know how complete or accurate it is.

Josekipedia Info

Previous topic Next topic. It seems like a lot of the people who run these awesome websites also hang out here. It is super easy to navigate and study. If no user was associated with the change, an IP is given. If you are still insisting on buying such a dictionaru, you may also consider buying a joseki dictionary in a language you can’t read.


Since pros make mistakes too, simply relying on their moves in games can be misleading. Sign up using Facebook.

In the introduction I explain when to play which line of joseki and give various considerations.

Last modified: December 26, 2019