The Validea strategy based on Joseph Piotroski offers value stock picks and detailed stock analysis using the published stock selection model of Joseph Piotroski. Learn more about Joseph Piotroski and his 9 point F-score ranking system, a value investing model whose stock picks gained % in the previous year. Joseph Piotroski. Stanford University. E-Mail: EmailAddress: hidden: you can email any NBER-related person as first underscore last.

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What are some current high F-Score stock picks? Sign Up For Our Newsletter. Increasing Both Risk and Reward Before you run out and buy jiseph the stocks scanned using the 9 point F-Score system, note the associated risk factor.

The following 9 points are carried out year over year, although a very keen investor may also choose to track smaller differences between quarters. Before you run out and buy all the stocks scanned using the 9 point F-Score system, note the associated risk factor. His goal is to demystify piotroskk investment world to benefit the readership of Money Crashers.

Volatility can be quickly defined by analyzing Beta. See whypeople subscribe to our newsletter. Nobody likes the creditor banging on their door. An improvement in gross margin could highlight that the company was able to increase prices, or that some other cost went down.

Joseph Piotroski

Pick the strongest stocks when looking at price performance. Stocks able to achieve high points overall, perhaps scoring plotroski or higher out of a possible 9 points, are viewed as picks worthy of buying.


This theory is proved in the paper called Momentumwritten by Narasimhan Jegadeesh and Sherdan Titman in By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We could categorize the 9 points into 3 broad categories important to most companies. Otherwise, another koseph is earned. If so score one. If so, no point is awarded to the company.

An improvement in gross margin can indicate an improvement in cost, a reduction in inventory, or the ability of a company to increase its prices. The idea is that past winning stocks will be future winning stocks.

Cash is king and you want to see growth in real money instead of accounting tricks to boost an earnings report. At each earnings report you should re-evaluate whether the 8 or 9 points you picked are still true. A very low scoring stock with a total of 3 or less out of 9 points piotriski either be avoided, or even sold short.

Did the leverage ratio fall? Year over year data makes this easy, as well as using 12 month trailing data versus the 12 months before it.

This ratio must be positive to get a point. Moseph can see the rankings for yourself on the AAII scoreboards.

While this is a suitable system to use for value investors that are willing to carry the extra risk of smaller cap stocks, not everyone is going to be drawn to the F-Score strategy. He then ran those firms through an array of tests involving their balance sheets and income statements, using such metrics as the return on assets rate, current ratiochange in gross margin, and change in asset turnover. Analyze the past month period. Cash flows should exceed ROA to get a point.


A Beta of 1 means that stock corresponds exactly as the market does. It shows how well the assets are being utilized to generate profit. This can be carried piotriski using fiscal year over year, or trailing 12 months versus the 12 months before that. These stocks are picked when earnings, leverage, and efficiency improve.

How to Pick Winning Stocks that Gain 138.8% – Joseph Piotroski F-Score Value Investing Model

Below is a sample list generated around March 1, This ratio is simply net income dividend by assets. Many investors consider cash to be king. Excessive work hours and days lead to burnout, reduced employee engagement, higher absenteeism, lower production, and higher costs This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site, including, for example, the order in which they appear on category pages.

How to Pick Winning Stocks that Gain Next Up on Money Crashers.

Joseph Piotroski – Wikipedia

In the piece, Piotroski laid out a way Piotroski F-Score to buy and short stocks using several accounting-based criteria. Did the asset turnover increase year over year? The more points a company earns, the better the stock piofroski is, and there is a maximum of 9 points. Cash is needed to pay dividendsemployee wages, and debt.

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