The Yoga of Power by Julius Evola – Drawing from original texts on self-mastery, Evola discusses two Hindu movements–Tantrism and Shaktism–which. [Yoga della potenza. English] The yoga of power: tantra, Shakti, and the secret way / Julius Evola ; translated by Guido Stucco, p. cm. Translation of: Lo yoga. The main goal of Tantric practices usually means the uniting of the static and dynamic, active and passive, female and male, the energies of.

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Eros and the Mysteries of Love: The cause of this ignorance is the fact that the Tantra Sastra ecola a Sadhana Sastra, the greater part of which becomes intelligible only through Sadhana. This means that the ideal of “seeing,” namely, of a direct form of knowledge verging on the heart of reality, despite having a noetic, objective character an juljus that was still preserved in the medieval notion of tye intellectualishas been set aside.

This is not mere “philosophy,” a mere attempt to pon- der upon the husks of words, but something which is to be done in a thoroughly practical matter. English] The yoga of power: While according to these systems this Self is an ontologically given reality present in all human beings, according to Evola it is present only conditionally, as a project or as a task to be fulfilled.

Hence the rituals and special practices of what has been named Left-Hand Tantrism, or the Path of the Left Hand Juliiswhich despite some problematic aspects orgies, use of sex, etc.

In a sense we may say that the world is not absolutely “real” and that maya, its source, is not totally unreal. The last letter, ha, represents Shiva.

The Yoga of Power : Tantra, Shakti, and the Secret Way

The author introduces two Hindu movements – Tantrism and Shaktism – both of which emphasize a path of action as well as mastery over secret energies latent in the body. What ensues is no longer a state in which an immobile being, made of pure light, evolx in itself, but rather a state in which 38 The Doctrine of the Tattvas: Posthumously his works have become inspirational to young gen- erations sympathetic to neofascism and in search for an ideological guru.

Since the union of Shiva and Shakti in both states of existence is not perfect and absolute as in the level reached by the supreme synthesis, the spirit therefore experiences its own power as shakti and as maya-shaktior as something different, even as a phantasm of the external world.


Breathing and sex are considered to be the only two disciplines still available to mankind living in the Kali-Yuga. He idolized the Nazi Schutzstaffel “SS”. This means that the traditional law dharma is wavering, is reduced to a shadow of its former self, and seems to be almost succumbing.

In the third stage there are only principles in the form of pure causes. At last it joined with var- ious forms of popular cults and magic practices on the one hand, and with strictly esoteric and initiatory teachings on the other.

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The activist Western world has forgotten these truths, and it is therefore ignorant of the meaning of true virility. This constitutes the mani- festation of powerr second kankuka, called raga literally, “passion” or “attachment”. Dualism is substituted, in this context, with a dyad typical of every free manifestation.

Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. In the period in which Tantnsm was developing the doctrine of the metaphysical dyad, the Vedanta system had already been out- lined evolq rather extreme terms by Shankara. The Metaphysics of Sex. For example, his descriptions of the samadhis in the Yoga Sutras are unwieldy, and even contradictory.

The first two tattvas beyond parasamvid are shiva and shakti, which are two distinct principles, but at this level still inseparably connected, whence the symbolism of their sexual union. On the other hand, they are states, or forms, of experience. Ether, air, fire, and water, which are experienced in the ordinary human contact with nature, are not really the elements carrying such names, but are rather their symbolic and analogical manifestations in the world.

During Kali Yuga, however, the goddess Kali, who was asleep in the previous ages, is now fully awake. Though he admitted that he was never involved in significant military operations, his experiences in that mountainous environment, such as climbing, the inner feelings during the ascent, the silence and solitude of the peaks, and the bird’s-eye view of the valleys below, evoal a deep and long-lasting impression on him.

The phy- sical elements poeer mere manifestations and appearances on a par- ticular plane of the tanmatras and of the five great elements. Briefly stated, here is the situation: Showing of 12 reviews. To the best of my knowledge, only two American scholars have so far analyzed Evola’s thought: Shiva is called the “naked one” digambaramnamely, free of determinations and at the same time “he whose body fills the entire universe.


This is the primordial root of concupiscence, and the original cosmic “sensation” that determines the negation alluded to by the Tantric principle “Shakti’s function is one of negation. He repudiates dialogistic, discursive reasoning logos, rationot be- cause he favors a descent to the irrational, jupius because he affirms, along with Aristotle, the superiority of the supra-rational.

While a particular power may be focused on any object, the supreme Shakti has only herself to display, since outside of her, by definition, nothing else exists. Here it is necessary to mention the gunas. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Following the centrifugal movement comes a centripetal one; that is, an inner detachment ensues the “outwardly cognitive state,” which was characterized by a passionate attachment to those ob- jects produced by maya-shakti’s magic the so-called nivritti-marga fvola opposed to pravritti-marga.

The Yoga of Power : Julius Evola :

The World as Power two different manifestations of the same principle, of the same reality. In the third stage, prajnathe world of these energies is seen as one; it is perceived in the function of its unity, and personified by Ishvara on the religious plane.

This continuity, however, cannot be seen from the per- spective of those who identify with these states and who are being swept away by the current. Tamas, on the contrary, denotes what is fixed in the opposite sense of a stiffening, or of an automatism e.

Evola shows us in this book on what Tantra really is.

The following are some further Tantric criticisms. It is not a coincidence, as juulius remarked, that the German word for reality, Wirklichkeit, comes from the verb w irken, “to act. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. As for the methodological principle adopted in this book, I have adopted the guiding principle employed in my previous books: During his life he was a nonconformist thinker who never fit any preestablished mold.

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