This chapter discusses that the present-day shape of both Murzuq and Kufra basins reflects a Variscan and Mesozoic overprint on an older structural relief. The present work is designed to study the sedimentary cover of part of the Kufra Basin by means of potential field analyses and modeling. The basin has been. Research objectives and the reports of the Kufra Basin Project at CASP, Cambridge, UK.

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Statistics – Base hard sediments Median Statistics – Temperature at 50km depth Median Yakob, another boy from Eritrea. Statistics – Beta Crust Median. Clicking the image will open a high-res PDF of the map.

ICONS atlas: AFR – Al Kufra Basin

Statistics – Crustal vs lithosph. For the crater, see Kufra crater. There is no need in telling you about the dirt, hunger and continuous humiliations. Statistics – Mantle Lid thickness Median Views Read Edit View history.

There were also some baguettes, but you needed money to get them Le stupravano davanti ai mariti, ai fratelli. Statistics – Base lower crust Median Kufra was an important trade and travelling route for various nomadic desert people.

Original quotes in Italian: With a weary gesture, Sidi Umar motioned to one of his men to come closer: Statistics – Mobil isopachs Median 0.

The density anomalies are then advected back in time to compute mantle flow with plate motions superimposed using the EarthByte plate rotation framework as surface boundary conditions. There were also cells for women and children.


And on the next day he commanded that some of our elders and ulama [scholars] be taken up in an aeroplane – and they were hurled out of the plane high above the kuufra to be smashed to death The basin cross section is automatically generated using the available crustal structure data sets.

Kufra Basin Project | CASP

Effects of latent heat release at phase boundaries on flow in the Earth’s mantle, phase boundary topography and dynamic topography at the Earth’s surface. They were raped in front of their husbands, their brothers.

The green circles in the desert frequently indicate tracts of agriculture supported by center-pivot irrigation. LEPA irrigation is provided by fossil water beneath the ground surface, the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer Systema non-renewable source and bqsin only accessible water resource in the area.

Statistics – Plain crustal thickness Median Statistics – Temperature at 50km depth Median. Women won’t ever tell the truth because of shame, but it’s useful to make everybody aware of what happened to women in Kufra.

At the end basln nineteenth century Kufra became the center and holy place of the Senussi order. During the Libyan Civil Warthe area was reported to be under control of anti-Gaddafi forces and not the government of Muammar Gaddafi on 2 April Verlag von Theodor Fischer, p. We slept on the floor, one on the other, there wasn’t even a place to lay down. At the beginning of the s, Libya launched in Kufra a great cultivation project aimed at developing agriculture in the basij.


Kufra, thanks to kfura key role for the Italian Royal Armysoon became a target for the Allies, with Free France and British desert troops beginning a long battle for its conquest. Hence the occurrence of continuous exploitation, enlistment in the work and prostitution black market, painful waiting for a money order urged by relatives and bssin through mobile phone communications, which are allowed only for this aim.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

On the north edge of the basin, there is the village of El Tagwhich means crown in Arabic, which does not contain an oasis. Select data to display: Statistics – Beta Sediment Median.

Their aeroplanes came down low and bombed houses and mosques and palm groves. Comments For explanation to the data source or computation of this grid please follow this link. Original quote in Italian: Click here to return to the regional overview page. As of Decemberthe excessive exploitation of the aquifer has provoked the complete kutra up of the lake in the oasis.

This is one of Libya’s largest agricultural projects. Large-scale lithospheric stress field and topography induced by global mantle circulation.

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