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In other projects Wikimedia Commons. It is believed that the combination of turmeric and kumkuma represents prosperity. The reason has to do with the ancient Indian belief that “the human body is divided into seven vortices of energy, called chakrasbeginning at the base of the spine knugumam ending at the top of the head.

When a girl or a married woman visits a house, it is a sign of respect in case of an elderly lady or blessings in case of a girl to offer kumkuma to them when they leave. In The Life of Indiansed.

Vasudha Narayanan and John Stratton Hawley. It is made from turmeric or any other local materials. KungumamKumkum TV seriesand Vermilion.

Kungumam – English-Tamil Dictionary – Glosbe

However, it is not offered to widows. Kungkmam page was last edited on 21 Novemberat Wikimedia Commons has media related to Kumkuma. Artificial nails Buffing Manicure Nail polish Pedicure. People dip their thumb into the heap and apply it on the forehead or between the eyebrows. Kumkuma is also widely used for worshiping the Hindu goddesses, especially Shakti and Lakshmiand a kumkuma powder is thrown along with other mixtures into the air during Holi the Festival of Coloursa popular Hindu spring festival.


For Indian film actress, see Kumkum actress. This is called vermilion, or in Hindi, sindoor. Men, women, girls, and boys also apply a dot on kujgumam forehead of red turmeric powder, when visiting a temple or during a pooja. Card Photography Songs Websites. Kumkuma is a powder used for social and religious kungumaj in India.

The ‘color’ of the womb is yellow and is symbolically represented by turmeric. Thus, the kumkuma is placed where Indians believe to be the most important spot for receptivity to be enhanced.

Conditioner Khngumam coloring and bleaching Removal chemical electric laser IPL plucking shaving threading waxing Shampoo Styling products gel mousse pomade spray wax.

Categories Companies People History. Kumkuma at temples is found in heaps.

The blood stains on the womb is represented by kumkuma. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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In most of India, married women apply red kumkuma to the parting of their hair above their forehead every day as a symbol of marriage. The sixth chakraalso known as the third eyeis centered in the forehead directly between the eyebrows and is believed to be the channel through which humankind opens spiritually to the Divine”.

In southern India, many unmarried girls wear a bindi every day unlike northern India where it is only worn as a inn of marriage. Kumkuma is most often applied by Indians to the forehead. Retrieved from ” https: Arranged marriage in India Inter caste marriage Love marriage.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Kunfumam Policy. Cosmetics Hairdressing Marriage Marriage in Hinduism. University of California Press, Views Read Edit View history. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from November Commons category link is defined as the pagename.

Kumkum is made from turmeric by adding limestone and is an Ayurvedic facial material along with turmeric. Indian Rites and Rituals.

Cosmetic electrotherapy Cosmetic ingredients Cosmetics advertising Cosmetology History of cosmetics Cosmetic industry. In the Vaishnava tradition, the “white lines represent the footprint of kungumak God, while the red refers to his consort, Lakshmi”. When visiting a temple, married women from southern India usually dip their ring finger in yellow turmeric powder and apply a dot on their forehead. Recently, the CDC has identified this as a major source of lead poisoning in children.

The turmeric is dried and powdered with a bit of slaked limewhich turns the rich yellow powder into a red color.

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