NEW YORK CITY La Hija de Rappaccini Gotham Chamber Opera 6/17/13 T he Brooklyn Botanic Garden made a most appropriate selection for the first opera. ABSTRACT. In his drama, La hija de Rappaccini (written in ), Octavio Paz re – creates Hawthorne’s tale, “Rappaccini’s Daughter” (first published in ). In a Gotham Opera production of ‘La Hija de Rappaccini’ at Greystone Mansion, much of what makes Daniel Catán’s work remarkable comes.

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Our website uses cookies to give you the best possible experience. Continue using the site as normal or read our Privacy Policy. Set during the Italian Renaissance, Rappaccini’s Daughter is a multi-layered story that deals not rappaccihi with the scientific struggle of good and evil, but also with the blurring gray lines created as both good and evil merge. Femeninas Chamber version available: Rappaccini is a creative spirit, an idealist, a visionary, a revolutionary.

He is the very spirit of creation. Without that spirit we are not entirely human. It is what makes us want to stand upright and look up to the sky. Rappaccini represents that which is most precious in human beings and makes them come close to the divine. Galileo, Newton, Einstein, they all were outrageous visionaries.


Daniel Catán

At the same time, there is something deeply disturbing about this. When we reach the boundaries of human knowledge we yija into the most profound darkness. We look into the abyss and experience the limit of our humanity. Our journey is defined by uncertainty.

A quest may lose its direction. A vision can become perverted.

An ideal can be made to serve the most horrific and inhumane causes. These are issues that have concerned us always and continue to be particularly relevant, perhaps more today than ever before.

Photo Gallery | La Hija de Rappaccini | María Laetitia Soprano

The 20th Century has provided us with more examples than we would ever want. Modern science faces enormous huja dilemmas when it ventures into areas such as cloning and genetic engineering.

A modern geneticist can eradicate certain characteristics of, say, corn, by manipulating its genetic structure. Should he be allowed to do similar things with human beings?


rappacciin How far should he go? Go forth and rappadcini Reproduce in my image. Rappaccini’s Daughter brings up some issues that have more relevance to our world than to 15th Century Padua, for better and also, unfortunately, for worse. Opera is not only a great art form. It can also be extremely relevant to our society and uniquely suited to deal with some of the most complicated and important issues of our time.

His flair for dramatic orchestration, as well as his melodic language, is an update on the tradition of Puccini and Respighi [with a] lushness of the score.

Last modified: July 26, 2020