The Laxdaela Saga: Or, Laxdale Saga (Forgotten Books) [Unknown] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book Description: Laxdaela saga is. The Laxdaela Saga addresses the eternal triangle of love between Kjartan Ólafsson, Bolli Thorleiksson and Gudrún Ósvífursdóttir. Kjartan and his foster brother. Written around by an unknown author, the Laxdaela Saga is an extraordinary tale of conflicting kinships and passionate love, and one of the most .

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Early one morning, as Hoskuld had gone out to look about his manor, the weather being fine, and the sun, as yet little risen in the sky, shining brightly, it happened that he heard some voices of people talking; so he went down to where a little brook ran past the home-field slope, and he saw two people there whom he recognised as his son Olaf and his mother, and he discovered she was not speechless, for she was talking a great deal to the boy.

Though I was drawn in by by the odd names, traditions and blood lust of the Icelandic Viking culture, what set this story apart was the striking modernity at the heart of the plot.

The Laxdale Saga

The brothers did not usually agree very well together. Thorstein had been married, but by this time his wife sqga dead. There are unlucky lovers, long schemes, extemporaneous versifyings, magic swords and blood feuds galore. There are absolutely no literary flourishes in the sagas; they tell the story and nothing more. Olaf now dressed himself in this way, that he had on the scarlet clothes King Harald had given him, and a golden helmet on his head, and the gold-adorned sword in his hand that King Myrkjartan had given him.

A headdress that gets stolen. That’ll get me far. He travels to Norway laxadle acquire wood for house-building. Then he rode to see Hoskuld, to get his share of his mother’s inheritance. Unn had with her many men of great worth and high birth. Aug 04, Monkey C rated it really liked it Shelves: And herewith comes to an end the tale of him.

Although the women have a set place in society, laxvale control the men who are generally speaking big, bold, and stupid waga the strong women in the Saga Melkorka, Gundrun are by no means meek and obedient.

Important, yes, I know, but damned dull to read. Then Jorunn, his wife, went and saa to him, and asked him what he had made his mind up to.

Thorstein fell in with a high south-westerly gale, and they sailed up towards the roosts, and into that roost which is called Coal-chest-Roost,which is the biggest of the currents in Broadfirth. Chock full of great quotes that make feminists scream and Republicans chuckle.


The sagas relate a sequence of events without delving into the psychology of the participants – characters rarely reveal their motivation, except by an ironic sentence or two. One of the great Icelandic sagas. Hrut now lived three winters at Combness, and was always demanding the money from Hoskuld at the Thing meetings and other law gatherings, and he spoke well on the matter.

After that Olaf talked to Thorbjorn as to how he wished to borrow wares of him, and a great deal thereof. Hrut liked this very ill, but rode away, and there the matter rested. It was soon arranged and the bargain settled, for Trefill saw that better was one crow in the hand than two in the wood. From Helgi and Thornunn safa the Islefirthers are sprung. Hoskuld was soon in his householding blessed with friends, for that many supports stood thereunder, both kinsmen and friends whom Koll had gathered round him.

Vigdis, Hrapp’s wife, betook herself west to Thorstein Swart, her brother. This shift was tried to no avail, because on either board the sea was so deep that the poles struck no bottom; so they were obliged saag wait for the incoming tide, and asga the water ebbs away under the ship. The wheels of revenge, incited by women who amazingly are never touched in this horrible bloodshed.

A number of prominent Icelanders are docked at Nidaros, forbidden to put to sea because they refuse to adopt the new religion. He was called Bjorn the Eastman.

Olaf and Thorgerd lived at Hoskuldstead and loved each other very dearly; it was easily seen by every one that she was a woman of very high mettle, though she meddled little with every-day things, but whatever Thorgerd put her hand to must be carried through as she wished. To him she gave Hundidale. Olaf said, “I shall not give up the gifts, Thorliek, for you agreed to the gift in the face of witnesses; and I shall run the risk to keep it.

She was Armod’s daughter.

Egil held out but little hope, and told him all that had come to pass. There he set up his booths, and that place is called Booths’-Dale. He had two daughters, one named Gudrid, and the other Osk.

The Laxdaela Saga – Wikisource, the free online library

laxvale Hewas a Broadfirth man, and was well-nigh a penniless vagrant, and yet a brisk sort of a man. Not for the Norse men and women those floods of tears that Murasaki Shikibu’s characters indulge in. Una storia pregna di eroismo, amore, vendetta e intrighi.

Egil took the daga well, and said he had always heard both father and son well spoken of, “and I also know, Hoskuld,” said Egil, “that you are a high-born man and of great worth, lacdale Olaf is much renowned on account of his journey, and it is no wonder that such men should look high for a match, for he lacks neither family nor good looks; but yet this must be talked over with Thorgerd, for it is no man’s task to get Thorgerd for wife against her will.

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He said it should be named Olaf, for Olaf Feilan had died a little time before, who was his mother’s brother. He lived in Salmon-river-Dale, next to Thord, up valley away from his homestead, and was called Skrjup. Fetches often manifested themselves before death or at other times of crisis. Bjorn was the name of a man who lived at Bjornfirth, where he had taken land, the firth being named after him.

Olaf became very renowned for this journey; and now was proclaimed the descent of Olaf, that he was the daughter’s son of Myrkjartan, king of Ireland. Now, one day as Hoskuld went out to disport himself with some other men, he saw a stately tent far away from the other booths.

And men say that one summer Hrut rode to the Thing meeting, and fourteen of his sons were with him. Most consecutive story-line is Gudrun and her husbands, revolving around blood-feuds, drownings, prophecies, and a bit of magic.

After that Unn steered her ship to the head of the bay, and there her high-seat pillars were washed ashore, and then she deemed it was easy to know where she was to take up her abode. And to me, at least, such matters seem worthy of heed being paid to them. Hoskuld said she ought not to think that, “for Thord is an old man, and childless, and I wish Olaf to have all his money after his day, but you can always go to see him at any time you like.

Thorstein bade them let down the sail as quickly as possible, and take punt laxdxle to push off the ship. Olaf said, “It seems to me that we should not be in a hurry about preparing this feast, if it is to be as noble as we should think right; now the autumn is very far worn, and the ingathering of means for it is no longer easy; most people who have to come a long way would find that a hard matter in the autumn days; so that it is certain that many would not come of the men laxdal most should like to see.

Thord got on much better after Olaf came to live with him.

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