Psychosis or Transcendence. Paperback. $ The Kundalini Experience: Psychosis or Transcendence by Lee Sannella ( Paperback. $ case history information based on these questions to Lee Sannella, M. D., Washington. Street, San Francisco, CA 1. Do you hear sounds such as. Lee Sannella. · Rating details · 28 ratings · 3 reviews. Many people have heard of the extraordinary phenomenon of kundalini awakening. Over the years, a.

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As a result, the descriptions were not sannekla seriously by Western students of the human psyche. Once, three years earlier, she had felt like a giant heart while meditating. He continued to see lights, including the blue bindu spot emphasized by Swami Muktananda.

Alice Ho rated it liked it May 22, I will also refer to this complex phenomenon as the physio-kundalini process or cycle or mechanism. This holy man described the signs of kundalini awakening in vivid personal terms. They are localized vortices of bioenergy. Today, ten years later and several years into his retirement, the professor no longer experiences any dramatic manifestations of the kundalini process.

She was twenty-eight years old at the time. To his surprise he noted that his girth had increased by four inches, without any gain in weight.

The Kundalini Experience: Psychosis or Transcendence by Lee Sannella

The search for meaning and happiness, which occupies a growing number of Westerners, is the other side of their profound dissatisfaction with the prevalent values, attitudes, and forms of life. From both a spiritual and scientific point of view, Lee’s groundbreaking work has been farsighted, ler and sensible. As it ascends in it, the different centers become active and, according to some authorities, they actually come into existence only at that moment.

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Feb 03, Rebecca Bacino rated it it was amazing. She was told by her neurologist that she might never recover full use of her leg. At intervals her entire body, but especially her hands, would become very hot. There will be a private memorial. They clearly correspond, on the physiological xannella, to the two nervous systems—the sympathetic and the parasympathetic respectively.

It favors a sanneola who evidences an understanding of the importance of the spiritual in the healing arts.

Kundalini Clinic (Lee Sannella)

He no longer ankered after psychic experiences or spiritual visions, realizing that no experience can ever be ultimately fulfilling. Sometimes the circulating heat felt more like vibrations following the described path.

The other two wrap around it in helix fashion. Occasionally he feels an energy blockage in his throat, which is the precise location where the kundalini energy seemed to have been arrested when I first saw him. Then he felt inner peace and blissfulness. Shimmering, fluctuating, expanding and contracting, I could do nothing but lie there watching helplessly as the suffering and intense heat increased with every second. After a few days, this intermittent pain disappeared.


Lee Sannella Obituary – Petaluma, CA | Petaluma Argus-Courier

He hears sounds of bells, and sometimes he is awakened by a sannwlla zzzing sound. Matt Neputin rated it liked it Feb 15, Psychosis or Transcendence by Lee Sannella.

Immediately he felt painful tingling and hot and cold sensations spreading over his upper back and neck.

Then all unpleasant phenomena ceased, and she had no further difficulty, although she continued her meditation prac- tice. But time and again, he would rupture this by claiming credit for his condition. This led to studies on the objective sanella of those processes that had hitherto been addressed only in esoteric or symbolic terms and that had consequently eluded the inquiries of Western science.

This is ssannella longer the case. Learn more at Author Central.

As for the present book, two interconnected theses are strongly argued. After a few months, during a sitting, he became engulfed by a bright golden light that lasted several minutes.

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