The term “metatheatre” now so casually bandied about, and sometimes with little acknowledgement of its origins, was first coined by Lionel Abel in “Metatheatre” is a convenient name for the quality or force in a play which These remarks by Lionel Abel seek to establish “metatheatre” as a dramatic. Julian Markels; Lionel Abel: Metatheatre, Shakespeare Quarterly, Volume 15, Issue 4, 1 October , Pages –,

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Then, when he returns to literary studies inhe is convinced of the existence of an empirical criterion that demonstrates the existence of the poetic function.

However, the conclusions drawn from this observation ultimately stall around the idea that Hamlet ‘s world is a stage and therefore is not a tragedy. Is it stable or labile? The device of the play within a play, so important in the Baroque, is present in works such as Hamlet or Life is a Dreamyet Abel indicates that the concept of metatheatre goes beyond the use of this specific device: Why does Jakobson restrict his analysis to linguistic materials?

This page was last edited on 12 Juneat Myth, legend, past literature, they themselves. I recommend it to readers who are deeply interested in both theater and philosophies of life. Essays on Dramatic Form. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. For example, in “Genet and Metatheatre” Abel describes “a new feeling of reality” when the audience is made aware of the costume as costume: In more recent times, With the People from the Bridge by Dimitris Lyacos employs metatheatrical techniques whereby a makeshift play centered on the vampire legend is viewed from the angle of a spectator who records in his diary the setting and preparations as well as the sequence of the actors’ soliloquies interspersed with personal notes on the development of the performance.

An absolute restriction to the practical attitude, of course, would unmistakably lead eventually to total automatization, to a restriction of attention to already obtained and exploited aspects. In Hamletthere occurs the following exchange between Hamlet and Polonius:. Second, metathatre oppositional relationship will not hold water since it quickly becomes apparent, as Martin Puchner points out in the introduction, that the shift from tragedy to metatheatre that Abel describes happens much earlier than he imagined.


The phrase “breaking the fourth wall” is used to lionl such effects in those media. By calling attention to the strangeness, artificiality, illusoriness, or arbitrariness — in short, the theatricality — of the life we live, it metarheatre those frames and boundaries that conventional dramatic realism would hide.

Sebeok, and any further commentary about its influence on twentieth-century literary theory would be redundant abdl. This painting by the American artist Roy Lichtenstein is entitled “Masterpiece. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty.

There’s a problem loading this menu right now. The fourth wall is thus an invisible, imagined wall that separates the actors from metathearte audience. I did enact Julius Caesar. Theatre Art Books, According to Lionel Abel, classic tragedy died with Macbeth, and a new kind of pseudo-tragedy rose with Hamlet.

The Concept of Metatheatre: A Functional Approach

And if anyone thinks Lionel Abel has tempered his style be forewarned: Account Options Sign in. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. As it is well known, Jakobson presented his model of six functions of language at the Indiana Conference on Style.

If you believe Abel, Hamlet is, simply, the finest drama in the history of the form, and I’m not inclined to disagree. Amazon Giveaway lionsl you to run promotional giveaways lkonel order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. When a scene is set indoors and three of the walls of its room are presented metatbeatre, the “fourth” of them would run along the line dividing the room from the auditorium technically called the “proscenium”.

The device of the play within a play, so important in the Baroque, is present in works such as Hamlet or Life is a Dreamyet Abel indicates that the concept of metatheatre goes beyond the use of this specific device:.

Metatheatre: A New View of Dramatic Form – Lionel Abel – Google Books

Linel separation between stage and audience is now a porous one, subject to constant revision. Within its original performance context, however, there is a more specific, metatheatrical reference. Customers who bought this item also bought.

But rather than bemoan plays like Hamlet and Life is a Dream as failed tragedies, Abel grouped them into the new-minted form of metatheatre. It may present action so alien, improbable, stylized, or absurd that we are forced to acknowledge the estranging frame that encloses a whole play.


Contents What Is Tragedy? Unlike most works of theatrical criticism– I’m not a big stage fan, so I find most of it way above my head– Abel’s little work is readable, understandable, and finishable by the average joe on the street with more than an eighth-grade education.

Hamlet, according to Abel, was the turning point. In the referential function, the sign has a minimal internal connection with the designated object, and therefore the sign in lipnel carries only a minimal importance.

State University of New York P, One major purpose of this metatheatricality was to keep then spectators away from utter involvement or belief in the development of the plot presented.


Metatheatre begins by sharpening our awareness of the unlikeness of life to dramatic art; it may end by making us aware of life’s uncanny likeness to art or illusion. Forged from a partnership between a university press and a library, Project MUSE is a trusted part of the academic and scholarly community it serves. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. On the one hand, we continually find ourselves attempting to consider the aesthetic function as something secondary which may exist but is not necessary; on the other hand, the aesthetic function compels our attention outside of art so frequently, turns up in so many of the most varied manifestations of life, and even appears as an essential component of habitation, dress, social intercourse, and so forth, that we must think about its role in the overall organization of the world.

Presses Sorbonne Nouvelle Support: Martin Puchner New York: When the defeated Cleopatraperformed by a boy player in act five of Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatrafears her humiliation in the theatres of Rome in plays staged to ridicule her, she says:

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