products offers magneto magnetizer products. About 16% of these are mobile phone bags & cases, 7% are magnetic materials, and 5% are. “Could you send plans and drawings for the magneto charger in your article?” This was the most frequent inquiry I had after my November GEM article on . I would like to build a magnet charger like the one John Rex wrote in the January I have been a full time Magneto Restorer/Repairman for quite a number of.

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Our customers include motor manufacturers, industries equipments producers and so on. It is amazing to see an engine block jump a couple feet or so off the ground when the magnet magnetiser close. We have many grade materials in our stock to help you to let the lead time shorter.

That causes a very strong magnetic field to flow in a loop through the core’s cross-piece, one of the magneto’s pole pieces, the magneto’s magnet, the other pole piece and back to the cross-piece.

This material is too high priced so I used low carbon steel. The Permanent tsina magneto Of Factory Supply. The question then becomes, what happens when you remove the power. The “REX” type charger is the way to go and I am building one now. The number of amp-turns AT and the magnetic permeability of the pole pieces.

Traded a dozen donuts to the wrecking crew for the switch. The ammeter shown, unlike automotive ammeters, requires the use of an external shunt for operation.

The charger weighs about pounds and is mounted on an inexpensive 2 wheel hand truck. Alternator diodes will work fine if the ones listed aren’t available.


Mahnetizer compass needle points north, because magnetuzer end of the needle is charged south. The main base is attached to the hand truck using the two pieces of steel angle cut from bed rails. I like your suggestion about using a motor magnetiaer company to make the coils. An identical washer without terminals is epoxied to the other end of each pole piece. No current will be indicated on the meter if the jumper leads have been improperly connected to the battery. The design The main criteria for any charger design is core area, number of wire turns, and amount of current flowing through the coils.

Use the auxiliary pole pieces if necessary.

Building a heavy duty magnet charger

mxgnetizer I have read that soft iron, whatever that is, makes a better electromagnet because when you turn off the power to it, the magnetism decays rapidly. With the mild steel, do you have any strong residual magnetism after turning off the power?

Strong Neodymium Magneto Magnet. Are there different types? I have collected all the electrical stuff and am looking for plans for the mechanical components.

Magnet Charger for Magnetos

This will insure winding direction and poles match those in the photos. In some cases, bigger is not better!

A wide variety of magneto magnetizer maynetizer are available to you, such as free samples. My switch came from the electric distribution room of a local manufacturing company. I read somewhere that soft iron was best because magnstizer doesn’t stay magnetized well and separating the magnet from the magnet charger is a little easier. Is the decay of magnetism satisfactory? The charger plans from the GEM are great, but I’m afraid it would pull my fillings out of my teeth!


Russ, my question is what do you ask for?


We used a special alloy wire used for aerospace, and a core material of silicon C, with all gaps welded and annealed. I have taken the four field coils from a Ford auto starter and I am in the process of mounting them on the short legs of the “U”.

They have one of these near me that I have watched on and off.

Also, a good magjeto 40 amp knife switch? After hardening, the fiberglass and resin were sanded smooth and painted. It is sufficient to saturate and charge most fully assembled magnetos used on antique engines.

magneto magnetizer

If an ammeter is used, it should be placed away from the coils so the magnetic field won’t affect meter accuracy. It is almost too much for the old magnets until we install a rheostat.

Some steels have higher permeability than others. I’m thinking of the magnerizer magnets they use to pick up scrap metal in a junk yard. If you have a source of scrap iron, machine shop facilities and can come up with some surplus magnet wire, the costs can be drastically reduced. We actually have cracked a magnet, something went haywire with electrons or something in the magnet they said.

N35 10 neodymium speaker water meter magneto magnet. Chargers have been described in the following issues:

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