The Manticore (Deptford Trilogy) [Robertson Davies, Michael Dirda] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hailed by the Washington Post Book. The Manticore [Robertson Davies] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Fiction. Hailed by the Washington Post Book World as ‘a modern classic,’ Robertson Davies’s acclaimed Deptford Trilogy is a glittering, fantastical, cunningly contrived .

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It isn’t everybody who is triumphantly the hero of his own romance, so when we meet one, he is likely to be a fascinating monster like my dear Eisengrim.

Like Fifth Business before, this novel contains amazing prose and a caste of characters that are not quite loveable, but amazingly human at the same time. And it is because he is so powerfully affected that he gets so much out of the relationship: The problem daviez be expressed in slightly different terms by saying that David must be “educated” to feel, as Dr.

What does the manticore symbolize for David? But I must assure you that there is nothing personal about it” p. However, this is not just a retelling of Fifth Business ; after all, David was a minor player in that book, barely on the reader’s radar and notable only, really, because he happens to be Boy’s son. This, together with his use of the term “a rational man” to indicate his idea of the cultural norm, indicates that his superior function is “thinking,” which Dr. He is, it must be said, unwaveringly honest with others and himself and certainly he grows, as is the point of psychoanalysis, so he is far from an uninteresting character.

And while David’s sexual life is important to understanding him, it’s only one part of the puzzle. Whoever was in charge of sending children’s books seemed to think that mythology was children’s fare–perhaps not realizing how violent and truly odd some of those tales were.

Staunton senior had been found mantkcore his car at the bottom of a harbor with a stone in his mouth — pink granite. Much of this book is a conversation between David the lawyer and his psychoanalyst, and it feels like a case – no magic, little mystery.

Each is its own piece, exquisite, but it’s the sum total of manhicore three books that elevates them from excellent to truly remarkable.

But once he pulls the curtains back of his life and events, at the end, there is mantivore he will become his own man and live a much more fulfilled and complete man. Jan 18, Mark rated it it was amazing. Jung and others London: The same note is repeated in David’s response to the presence of Dr. David Staunton, the hard drinking criminal lawyer I wavered between demoting this to a 3 star really 3.


This anamnesis, however, raises but does not resolve two closely interrelated problems of David’s life: The characters in The Manticore morph from people into Jungian archetypes before our very eyes.

The Manticore (The Deptford Trilogy, #2) by Robertson Davies

There is an ironic acknowledgement of this in Liesl’s response when David reveals the name of his analyst: From here we get his account of not only his own life but the lives of his father and Dunstan Ramsay amongst others as they intersected with his. I had not heard of the Canadian writer, Robertson Davies, nor the Deptford Trilogy, of which this is manticoer part. Those terms are also descriptive of David himself, rlbertson a story with that perspective offers less appeal to me as a reader.

Around this central theme, Robertson Davies spins a story, or rather a multitude of stories, that illuminate the human condition with uncommon brilliance.

The Manticore by Robertson Davies – Reading Guide – : Books

I finished Hermann Hesse ‘s Steppenwolf just before I read The Manticore and felt like Hesse was just beating me over the head with his Jungian psychology throughout the entire story. Jun 26, Wanda rated it it was amazing Shelves: I very much enjoyed the last 40 pages or so and I thought the ending was truly beautifully written. His father has just been found dead, possibly murdered, and this is the last straw of the many pressures on his life.

Rumor has it this was an apologetic award, as in the Governor General was apologizing for not giving Davies the award for the far super It’s probably blasphemy to be Canadian and attack anything written by Robertson Davies, but I’m going to do it anyway.

Mar 13, Kathy Mcconkey rated it really liked it.

The Manticore

I thought we had got past all that. I honestly did not find much of this book to be intensely interesting or compelling until the last part where the main character makes a breakthrough outside of therapy. This “proper fear,” awe, leaves him terrified far beyond the point of revulsion or panic; he is paralysed and helpless: In this follow-up to “Fifth Business,” the main character, David Staunton, tells his therapist: Freud, monumentally hipped on sex for which he personally had little use and almost ignorant of Nature: I mean, it asks us to look at the people in our lives in terms of archetypes and deconstruct how we project our desires upon them, interpreting them to fit into roles we define.


He is a positive and rather appealing figure, and David has orbertson difficulty in accepting his presence or his significance, although he is at first surprised: Partly an exploration of the psychology of Jung a The Manticore begins by betraying us. We don’t even find out how many hit dice it has.

Stay in Touch Sign up. I pretty much felt I was slogging through his memories of childhood and his dissection of his family and their roles in his life with the analyst.

His novels are now timeless classics studied in university and college literature courses across the world. The woman is a spell-binder, without seeming to exert much effort” p. This irruption takes place at the beginning of the third section “My Sorgenfrei Diary”in which David takes a Christmas vacation at St.

Partly an exploration of the psychology of Jung and partly a work of biographical fiction akin to Fifth BusinessThe Manticore is a journey into David’s past and into his psyche. Allen Gilbert, 2 Januaryin Letters, I, The only way he can really learn to feel is by feeling – that is, by being so overwhelmed by emotion that he is willing to abandon thought and common sense altogether and trust his feeling as a mode of functioning.

Although this book lacked the exciting quality of adventure that was fully present in the first book, this book was nonetheless beautifully written and some of the imagery, especially about life and death is indeed very powerful. Want to Read saving…. Nevertheless, the emphasis on the real and ordinary throws into sharp relief two “unordinary” things which David notices. But I needn’t have. The last inset which leaves David Staunton still uncommitted and which has also featured some startling circumstantialities suggests that this account may be resumed, if only to determine whether David will continue to live only the half life of the mind esse in lntellectu solo.

Sep 29, Jackie “the Librarian” rated it it was amazing Recommends it for:

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